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RM 80,000
8 weeks
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ZT Studio No.82,Jalan Gudwara,
10300 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

Embark on a sensory journey as you step into The Sandwich Bar, a space meticulously designed with a vision that transcends the ordinary. Our design philosophy revolves around an unwavering commitment to authenticity, where the true essence of materials takes the centre stage, and no superficial embellishments are needed. Timber plywood joinery of the café bar becomes our artistic medium, gracefully expressing its innate beauty, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The detailing of the joinery is carefully designed to accommodate the workflow of the barista and to blend with the antique wooden furniture pieces.

The overarching concept behind the café is to transport patrons back in time, creating a haven that seamlessly merges the nostalgia of salvaged and antique furniture with the modern comforts of today. Each piece is a timeless relic, carefully repurposed and contributing to an aesthetic that is both charmingly rustic and enduringly elegant.

Beyond its aesthetic qualities, our design is driven by functionality and practicality. We breathe new life into discarded furniture, giving it a second chance to shine. Every element is thoughtfully placed to enhance the overall experience, from the strategically positioned classic elegance of the old Thonet chairs to the recycled foldable stools that provide flexible seating options. The balance between style and utility is carefully curated, ensuring a space that not only looks good but also functions seamlessly.

The integration of the bi-fold glass doors on both sides of the space showcases our innovative approach. These doors serve a dual purpose by infusing the interior with natural light while concurrently minimizing the need for artificial lighting. Moreover, they open up to establish a seamless semi-outdoor-indoor space that effortlessly melds design with the urban surroundings. The use of recycled and salvaged furniture, along with the incorporation of bi-fold glass doors, aligns with our commitment to minimizing our ecological footprint. We believe in creating spaces that not only captivate the senses but also contribute to a healthier planet.

As one savours a cup of coffee, the cafe doesn't treat them as mere visitors but active participants in a full-fledged sensory journey. Each sandwich served is nothing short of a carefully crafted masterpiece, and every design decision reflects a profound dedication to providing a complete and holistic dining adventure. In this space, the union of history and contemporary innovation unfolds, where flavours effortlessly waltz with aesthetics, and the simple act of relishing a sandwich transforms into a journey of sensory immersion.

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