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Interior Design Budget
RM 20,000
4 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 1,100,000
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ZT Studio No.82,Jalan Gudwara,
10300 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

The word izakaya entered the English language by 1987. It is a compound word consisting of i (to stay) and sakaya (sake shop), indicating that izakaya originated from sake shops that allowed customers to sit on the premises to drink. Izakaya are sometimes called akachōchin (red lantern) in daily conversation, as such paper lanterns are traditionally found in front of them.

The brief is to design a Japanese and Taiwanese fusion restaurant that has a strong influence of ‘Izakaya’ Japanese style. The meaning of ‘Izakaya’ is a type of informal Japanese pub. They are casual places for after-work drinking.Most of the Izakaya in Japan are very informal and usually the spaces are confined, old, bare yet simple. The concept of this design is to celebrate the ‘age of materials’ by creating a new space using recycled materials. Interpreting the old, bare yet simple atmosphere towards the space : ‘Izakaya’.

The interior celebrates the use of recycle aged timber and scraped metal where its strongly demonstrated in the food stall. Rubber wood and Pine wood are used in the furniture whilst several details like the paper lantern and Noren curtain are used to illustrates Japanese ambience of the entire restaurant. The entire restaurant has no main entry door and is fully open to create a form of welcoming and promoting a casual informal ‘space’ for drinking after work.

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