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RM 60,000
5 weeks
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ZT Studio No.82,Jalan Gudwara,
10300 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
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Rooted in the anatomical elegance of the human eye, our design for Saw Optica draws inspiration from the iris, transforming the space into a visual marvel that mirrors the precision and sophistication synonymous with eyewear. The core vision for Saw Optica is to create an immersive and contemporary environment that pays homage to the timeless allure of eyewear. Upon entering, the customized in-situ concrete seating, designed to mirror the anatomy of the eye – Iris, becomes a prominent visual focal point.

The bare cement render finish on walls and floors establishes a natural and raw appearance of cement, giving the space a minimalist and industrial feel. The choice of cement render adds an element of rough, tactile texture while evoking a sense of modernity. Stainless steel, prized for its lightweight and adaptable qualities, offers the opportunity to craft not only a durable and sturdy structure but also a sleek, contemporary design that combines both form and function seamlessly.

This intentional use of stainless steel not only exudes modernity but also pays homage to the historical evolution of eyewear, drawing inspiration from the temples developed by 18th-century London optician Edward Scarlett. The combination of stainless steel with the raw and minimalistic appearance of bare cement creates a striking visual interrelation.

The interplay of the customized laser-cut S-shaped stainless-steel plate for spectacles display at the centre of the optician creates a fluidity in space and movement, whereas the L-shaped bend stainless steel plates for displays of glasses off the wall are carefully detailed with concealed fixing to appear floating and cast an edgy shadow when struck by light.

The reception counter, crafted from raw lightweight concrete blocks, stands as a testament to practical elegance. A wall of Galvanized zinc sheet is used as cladding to secrete the refraction room away from direct visual, and the integration of hidden doors seamlessly incorporates practical aspects without compromising the visual appeal.

Saw Optica’s interior design concept is a harmonious blend of form, function, and historical reverence. Through the inspired use of materials, echoing the iris shape and drawing from the rich history of eyewear, the space becomes a testament to the ever-evolving intersection of art, science, and style. Saw Optica invites patrons to experience the convergence of tradition and innovation, creating a space where the beauty of eyewear is not only seen but felt.

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