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About Us

ZT STUDIO is an emerging design studio based in Penang, Malaysia. Our studio focuses in architecture, interior and spatial planning. At ZT Studio we work together with our clients and builders to engage in a process of place making.

Our studio have always been passionate about architecture and our built environment as a whole. This enthusiasm came with our invariable interest about how architecture can transform, alter and improve the way people perceive, observe and inhabit within their built environment.

We explore the tactile and sensory qualities of spaces through materiality when we design. Playing with both light and shadow creating an atmosphere for a specific place and time are evident in our work. We craft spaces with playfulness of different form, scale, volume and its relationship with their specific functions assigned to its individual and context. Working across with multiple disciplines, we always thrive for the best craftsmanship to create a single body of work with an intuitive and unified narrative.

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ZT Studio No.82,Jalan Gudwara,
10300 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
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