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Estylo Sdn Bhd No. 23-2, Second Floor, Jalan PJS11/28B,
Sunway Metro, Bandar Sunway,
47500 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
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The word ‘DUET’ is equivalent to a symbol of appreciation and togetherness. Hence, the interpretation of DUET has created a strong motive to the Lucent Residence – located in the township of Kota Kemuning. Throughout the initiation of space planning, each area is well constructed towards an openly integrated concept. Thus, the desire of concept to each floor also has its own individual personality that compromises entertainment, harmonious and liability.
Whilst maintaining the concept, yet bringing in comfort as well, the ground floor remains as the prime communal living space in the bosom on a daily basis. Inspired by modern-authentic rustic look, the concepts adapt to the saying of ‘back to the roots’ to value natural and traditional made materials. With that, strong overt wood grained textures could be seen substantially throughout the overall space, consequently with fine black woodgrains, sleek lines and a spatter of roaring marble textures.
However, furniture’s used in the space remained a monochrome tone to prevent overpowering the main rustic design accent. As many considered the ‘sleeping sanctuary’, it is quite essential that private chambers should be unfolded as a calming, comfortable and relaxing space that provides great ambience for all. As such, implementation of curvatures, beadings, and lightning elements could be identified at different aspects of the area to create a nurturing space to fit for all.
Overall, the concept aims to create an uncluttered and balance composition to capture an ambience that evokes a sense of intimate and tranquility living.

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