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The Herons - Gamuda Wetland Estate

A home that is personal

The Herons - A 6500sqft build up luxuriate villa takes into account the taste of the person living in the space, lifestyle and their needs and what they want from their home.

Proposed as a home for every generation, Estylo's designer has been requested to design each of the rooms and area with different character to suit the multi-generation. But yet, we have to achieve in modern luxuriate.

The Modern luxe are in straight and clean lines with hardly any curved or intricate details present. This evidences in the use of modern furniture, custom built cabinetry and bold masculine architectural elements.

With the use of naturally made pieces marble and wood has well speak the modern luxury lifestyle of the owner's. Having stone and natural elements gives off a bolder, more elegant look. And the best part of having these elements is that it can last longer.

Modern Luxury interiors call for the use of simple, yet bold furniture pieces. The elegant pieces seen in this interior include a full living room showcase that includes armchair, a long seater sectional sofa that make up the overall seating area; coffee tables that with marble counter tops that are supported by metal Blass frameworks; a dining showcase that includes design pieces dining tables and high back dining chairs

The interior design wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have a matching set modern chandelier to create a showstopper of its own. The forms of lighting used in this interior give off a subtle yet dramatic feel for that subtle ambiance. It only makes sense, of course—a sophisticated man, The owner needs an equally sophisticated place to spend his time, doesn’t he?

When it comes to the The Gentleman Business lounge interiors— it’s all about unsurpassable refinement, expert craftsmanship and a sense of tradition but its recent offering is admirably on-trend. It takes itself less seriously, sports a noticeable lack of stuffiness and channels unabashed confidence which we love.

The entertainment lounge resolutely masculine—plenty of dark polished wood, cool lighting, interesting accessories such as coloured cushions and rugs that add interest to more soberly coloured furniture, a good selection of coffee table books that reflect the interests and the classic pool table stood in the center heart of the rooms; It’s about getting the right blend of traditional and modern.

Moody yet practical lighting sets the tone in the client’s favorite interiors with a more laid-back but no less sophisticated ambiance. Each space is without a doubt, classy and ideal for unwinding in style.

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