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5 weeks
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Estylo Sdn Bhd C-10-01 (1st Floor), Garden Shoppe, One City
Jalan USJ 25/1C
47650 Subang Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
+6038021xxxx +6038011xxxx
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Interior Design Project Info

The design has captured the identity and brand ethos of Gamuda Twentyfive.7; The epitome of luxury.
A persona that embodies the epitome of luxury and dynamic lifestyle of living in Gamuda Twentyfive.7.

The posh and sophisticated look elevates the mood of the gallery interior design palette into an unforgettable showcase
experience in cosy, luxurious and lustrous ambience.

A glamorous welcoming entrance statement featuring eye-catching and impressive anyone who walks in where the curved gold luxury back drops with the Gamuda Twentyfive.7 branding sets the stage for an expertly designed sales gallery.

Embrace the powerful color pairing and add some depth and darkness to our design, with a dose of metallic glamour and dramatic contrast. it creates a unique and avant-garde atmosphere. The Light fixtures, ceiling lining, tables, Column Cladding, adding with golden accents to create little sparks to the sales gallery.

This bar counter image proves that repeated black and gold contrasts are never too much. The island, which draws inspiration from the streamlined glamour of our designer's, mixes a glossy black marble counter top. Its colour palette is mirrored by a matching backdrop with a well-designed gold pendant lamp; All in all, a perfect example of how a black and gold blend can deliver modern luxury and opulence at once.

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