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Natural Grandeur

By combining the equally timeless beauty offered by the world of luxury and nature, this home achieves an aesthetic that is simultaneously modern and classic.

Promising 'luminous living', the Lumi Tropicana development is truly a shining example of life at its most luxurious from the state-of-the-art amenities available to the lush greenery within its borders. One resident wished for their home to fully reflect both of these things so a modern luxury concept which tapped into the beauty of nature was chosen to grant said desire.

This interior design choice is clearly seen both in the exquisite materials used throughout the residence and the complementary palette which allows each element to shine without detracting from the core concept. Despite this, the functionality of each space is never compromised as every element incorporated into the design is purposeful and unobtrusive.

A sterling example of this is the home's living and dining areas where the clever positioning of furniture is used to visually separate both parts in lieu of a physical partition. In a similar vein, the dark wood panels adorning the shared wall visually contribute to the seamless flow of space between the two areas. Meanwhile, marble slabs of two different shades of grey are used for both areas to further emphasise the invisible separation of the spaces.

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