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In interior design, the classic color palette of black and white, complemented by luxurious and dazzling gold, always stands out. Incorporating these three color tones into home design allows you to experience the perfect fusion of French romance and minimalistic cleanliness. Skillfully applying French-style lines to the walls, door frames, and ceilings preserves an elegant romantic ambiance while adhering to modern aesthetic standards. Black represents an attitude and conveys profound maturity and mystique.

Upon entering the living room, you will be captivated by the elegant plaster moldings, creamy walls, and herringbone parquet flooring. The interplay of creamy white and black creates a light French atmosphere. The predominant use of light colors, cream wall paint, and herringbone solid wood flooring in the dining and living areas enhances the vintage ambiance, harmonizing beautifully with the walls. Plaster moldings and intricate detailing reflect the elegance of French vintage style.

The kitchen features classic and durable white cabinets, imbuing the entire space with a refreshing and airy feel. The addition of a central island expands the kitchen's functionality, providing extra storage and workspace while also serving as a casual dining area. The white stone countertops are durable and easy to clean, contributing to an efficient cooking workflow. Integrated kitchen appliances and sleek cabinet designs elevate the kitchen's sophistication.

The bedroom exudes a light and elegant ambiance. White walls and flooring create a bright and spacious atmosphere, while exquisite patterns on the bed linens and curtains introduce a touch of romance and elegance. Decorative flowers and accessories on the bedside table create a cozy and comfortable ambiance. The harmonious color scheme throughout the room creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

The design of the stairs is gentle and makes climbing up and down comfortable. Extensive white walls add an element of refinement and luxury.

The arched bay window sofa on the first floor becomes a focal point. The bay window sofa is not just a piece of furniture; it's a lifestyle that adds warmth and comfort to the home, providing a space for relaxation and leisure amidst a busy life. Its user-friendly design makes the most of the window space while maintaining aesthetics and functionality. The soft seating and backrest make it an ideal corner for reading, watching TV, or simply unwinding.

The independent French-style luxury dressing room primarily features a soft cream color palette, complemented by black and white patterned tiles for a sophisticated, high-society look. Custom L-shaped wardrobes make efficient use of corner spaces, with dedicated sections for various clothing categories, offering an immersive dressing experience. The incorporation of metal handles, transparent glass doors, and linear lighting adds a touch of luxury.

A concealed door separates the French-style luxury dressing room from the main bedroom. The main bedroom showcases a herringbone-patterned natural wood floor, coordinating with cream-colored furniture and maintaining a vintage and cozy ambiance in line with the living room.
The children's room introduces warm wood patterns, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The tatami design allows children to relax and play freely. The use of wicker and leather at the headboard adds a distinctive touch. The L-shaped wardrobe provides ample storage space and incorporates a user-friendly organization system.

The guest room features wicker furniture, exuding a natural and cozy atmosphere. The use of wicker materials introduces a casual, yet refined and high-end ambiance. This blend, along with the warm yellow hues of the wicker, creates a warm and comfortable home atmosphere, highlighting a distinct French artistic style.

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