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The project is Grace Residence, where located in Jelutong Penang. It is a location where easily accesible to the airport, Georgetown city and Penang bridge. This young couple as client, were looking forward for a dark, cozy and minimal interior design applied to their 1646 sq.ft. apartment house. Black is a timeless classic that never goes out of style especially when it is ultra matte. Another winning point of using dark and matte in design as they are the easiest to maintain and taken care of.

The concept of the design is flowing in the house. This concept is to bring in the curvature element into the design, to create illusion of movement. With the mixture of wood texture, concrete, metals and warm white led lighting, it widely inhanced the ambience of dark interior also adding functionality of the space. With the presence of the right lighting, it could highlights the black colour's beauty even more.

In FLOW, every area has its own unique sparks. The flow design of TV cabinet is one of the focal point. The flow starts from the entrance following to the living, is like inviting ones to their living area. The hanging TV cabinet comes in two tones of grey combines with metal hanging shelves and led lighting below to make the design stand out. The curve long sofa with single sofas arranged in circle shape to emphasized the important of union, as living area is a place where everyone could sits down and enjoy themself while interracting with families or friends. Besides using the different materials for design, shapes is also applied to improve the visual. The convex shape fluted panel is vastly applied on the dining area and kitchen. The design apply the principle design of repetition by using multiple of convex fluted panel to create movement and rhythm in the area. It creates a certain consistency or flow in a space while leading the attention from one aspect to another. To get a good dark interior design has to blend in different shapes, materials and textures to break the monotony of black.

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