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Affordable luxury is a design style and a life attitude. It mainly expresses a simple, comfortable, low-key and restrained quality of life. At the same time, it does not lose high-end and elegant. Therefore, golden elements are generally used for embellishment. And this kind of "low-key luxury" is very in line with the modern life concept. The Affordable luxury style is generally based on minimalism, focusing on making highlights in the details. Pay attention to delicate and low-key and restrained temperament. It is more sophisticated than simplicity, more free than luxury, and is the style of choice for most modern people.

There are many styles of Affordable Luxury, such as: Hong Kong-style affordable luxury, new Chinese affordable luxury, and simple affordable luxury, simple affordable luxury and European affordable luxury, and the picture above is one of them. Simple affordable luxury, representing freedom and extravagance, low-key luxury, attack and tradition, characterized by high quality, design, comfort and simplicity. The color tone of the whole space is coordinated, giving a noble temperament, making life in this space more colorful.

When I got the floor plan of this house (2D Plan), I already had an idea to decide on the style, and I searched a lot of information about the style before deciding on the style. This style needs a lot of space to play the effect of freedom and extravagance, low-key luxury, So there are some layout changes made in many places on the ground floor, so that the hall, dining room and dry and wet kitchen can appear a little more atmospheric, without affecting the inconvenience of the space.

As for the stairs, a slight extension was made to make the originally narrow stairs look a lot bigger.

Finally, for example, the master bedroom and children's room have added wood color. Based on the new life concept of showing nature, leisure, simplicity and fashion, through the classic combination of gray, white and wood color. The dynamic elements of smooth lines and the generous and simple shape design perfectly combine the freshness and comfort of the whole space with the fashionable atmosphere.

High-grade black and high-grade gray are often used as expressions, especially the black and white contrast, which always gives the space a generous and tidy feeling. Finally, I did not forget the meaning off luxury, so gold elements were added to the furnishings, furniture, plaster and lamps.

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