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Interior Design Project Info

Design Vision
This home is set on a large footprint and impressive concepts are employed to fill that space. You’ll find lavish living rooms, magnificent dining, and one simply stunning wine bar area that will gives the serviced apartment a cherished living heart.
Inclined to client preference for a darker soothing environment, but like to have wow factor in the concept, designer implied a large proportion of dark hues with a hint of client favourite colour -Hermes orange. Due to the tranquil nature of dark hues, the Hermes orange stood out more in the midst. The orange in the other hand evokes the feeling of vitality, happiness, energetic, inviting and friendly. The interior is dedicated to wonderful details and combinations we did of lightning and coloring.

The entrance
We’re greeted with charcoal grey hanging cabinet while entering. The dark gray mirror enable client to check their attire before going out. The led strips illuminate each piece of spray paint wooden paneling out of the shadow. A dark brown masculine leather stool is teamed with the playfulness KAWS standing art piece.

Dining Room
Integrated with wood, dark gray and bronze mirror, the partition itself acts as a divider to create a more intimate space for the living and dining room while the curve design at the entrance welcomes people to the space.
An imposing chandelier expands a gold accent across the exquisite marble dining table, warming the dining area.

Living Room
Range of dark grey and charcoal black applied on the tv panel correspond to the vibrant orange sofa, Soft LEDs glow beneath the hanging shelf, highlighting it against a fluted dark walnut backdrop, creating a relax tranquil atmosphere.
The centre piece, a bold Hermes orange sofa aggressive colour balance out the tv wall, complete the design.

Bar island
The dark backdrop of the wine display area is balance up with the exquisitely veined lustrous curve edges marble texture bar island with a criss-crossed dark gray and warm wood grain exude an elegant yet sumptuous atmosphere.
Distinctive low back saddle chair with its top grain leather sloped low – back bucket style seat is line up along the edge of the marble countertop for family members to admire the exquisite glass mirror wine display in comfort.
Perimeter lights paint an atmospheric glow down the liquor private collection. The lights then reflect against the grey mirror inner walls, illuminates the liquor collection on the glass shelving to the laid down wine storage drawer beneath.
Opposite the bar counter, a full height entrance with metal frame dark hues mirror with gold luscious wall sconces open up to give entry to the bedroom.

Master bedroom
Moving into the master bedroom, we’re greet with vibrant orange different height black glass shelving inner with dark charcoal gray frames wardrobe.
Full height wardrobe with side led strips enable the owner to search for his clothes easily. Switching off the lights the wardrobe will be pitch black dark as the glass door are black.
On the side of the wardrobe, there is a round edges sliding panel with a led strip that will be hidden when sliding to the right, enclosing the full height mirror.
Upholstered king size bed is enhance with a large wall of momento as a backdrop to bring out the dark brown stitched detailed bedhead and orange at both sides of bedhead. Mixture of dark hues leather and woven throw pillows add a touch of masculine vibes to the pale off-white bed.

Guest room
The dual key room in the other hand are more to a subtle twist of concept.
Gentle warm nude and soothing gray is widely applied in the interior created an airy quiet felt interior.
The L shape wardrobe maximize the storage needs for owner. With fluted design door at the left, it added a fun factor to the interior. LED changing light temperature round mirror changes its lighting to client preference. Dividing the dressing table and bed, the table leg acts as a hairdryer storage area for dressing table and bedside table. The room upholstery, classic contrasting black and white houndstooth seat and woven, knitted gold thread throw pillows brings in lavish accents to the volume.

TYPE- Condominium
LOCATION- Suasana Utropolis, Batu Kawan
SCOPE- Design + Build

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