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Project Overview

Interior Design Budget
RM 190,000
10 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 1,200,000
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Interior Design Project Info

The low-key luxury of dark colors emerges inadvertently.
Brings a bright and warm atmosphere compared to light colors.
The dark color is different from it, which makes the atmosphere quiet.
Create an extraordinary taste for your home.
Who said dark black is cold? The warmth can also be felt under warm lighting and delicate touch.

As soon as you enter the door, you will see a gray shoe cabinet hanging to the top. LED lights are also used to light up, so that the overall look will not be so heavy, but rather light and just feel.

The porch is relatively simple, with a simple combination of three things. A shelve in dark walnut serves as a place for keys, bags and decorations. Then , the background uses a high-end and stylish black-gray paint as a match. In terms of embellishment, vertical glass chandeliers are chosen, so that the owner can be illuminated to return home. The screen facing the door is matched with reeded glass, black frame and ash wood swatches, allowing the light to leak in faintly.

Next to the entrance is the bar tender. The bar tender uses light grey quartz stone. Let the host enjoy a simple breakfast here every day with a sense of ritual. Of course, can also drink red wine here and relax. The kitchen is divided into dry and wet. The dry kitchen is located opposite the dining table and is designed in an I-shape. Combining the gray glass backsplash wall, light gray quartz stone and black and dark gray cabinet doors, LED lights are used to make the space more layered. The wet kitchen was separated using a black framed reeded glass door. This will also prevent the fumes from contaminating other places.

The most important place in the house is the living room. The living room is dark but not dark as a whole. The large floor-to-ceiling windows are matched with dark gray curtains and white curtain sheer. Even the light and shadow are filtered and filled with dark and high-grade temperament, adding a layer of mysterious atmosphere. The TV background wall uses a minimalist design. A textured grey panel is used and accented with black lines. The TV console uses a white top, so that the overall look will not be so ordinary.

To match the color and design of the whole home. For the dining table, the table top with gray and black marble pattern is selected with black table legs. The dining chairs are made of simple grey leather. Of course, in order to make the whole home look more noble , a dark gray mirror is installed on the background wall of the dining table. It also uses the principle of reflection to make the whole space look larger.

Master Bedroom. The clean background wall replaces the traditional headboard and the raw walnut color palette and uses LED, the effect of the lights instantly enhances the elegant and high-end style of this space. Use the floating design of the bedside table to make it look lighter visually. At the same time, no dead corners are cleaned, making life more convenient. Create a comfortable reading book by setting up a bench by the window. Lie down and read a book before going to bed and enjoy the night view. Then, the walk-in wardrobe uses a minimalist solid color door and cabinet with a handle-less built-in door. The mirror of the dresser is designed to the top with LED lights.

Came to the second bedroom. It is matched with a color that is different from other spaces, that is, blue. This color successfully makes this space special and novel, making people feel bright.

Lastly is the study room. A place where the owner can calm down and read and work. With using blind, the light is effectively used, the light is just right when reading, and the room does not feel closed. The view outside the window is very pleasant, and the immersive office at home will not be boring. Along the bedside, a custom window bench. When you are tired, look up and open the scenery.

PROJECT - Waterside Residence
TYPE- Condominium
SIZE- 1249sqft
LOCATION- Gelugor, Penang
SCOPE- Design + Build

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