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Interior Design & Architectural Project Info

Nestled in the lush greenery amidst Ampang Jaya, this 7,000 sq.ft. mansion residence stands in harmony with the amazing mother nature that surrounds it. Featuring a modern classical design, the bungalow is built from a 24,000 sq.ft empty land after demolition of the old premises. 

Diving into the details, the mansion takes on a Neoclassical architecture approach with a contemporary touch. The facade showcases the charming characteristics of Neoclassical design, such as the ornamental pediment, decorative copings, and lattice windows in symmetrical form. Instead of the conventional overhang pitched roof as seen in most tropical regions, this 2.5 storey house is topped with pitched shingle roofs without overhang, in which creates a vaulted ceiling that calls for a cozy loft area inside.

Moving onto the interior, the inner beauty of the mansion has so much more to unveil and offer. Upon entering the house, the spacious foyer leads to a grand staircase which gives an impressive and welcoming atmosphere. Besides, we take up an open concept layout that connects the living and dining areas, while the extensive use of panel windows and full glass sliding doors provide a seamless flow and visual connectivity for the entire floor.

From room to room, with tasteful curation of subtle colors and sleek lines, this house exudes a calm and soothing sense to its dwellers. Well-crafted with exquisite wainscotting and fine cornice, the living space is elegantly refined with sophistication. Additionally, pairing with elements such as marbles and gold inlays on selected feature walls and ceilings, this home effortlessly imbues a sense of deluxe throughout every corner of the house.

Adjoint to the bungalow is a unique glass link bridge that connects to a standalone garage building, which is a stunning space of 4,000 sq.ft. that houses 10 luxury automobiles and a private lounge. The brilliant use of full-height glass walls and perimeter windows makes the space awash with ample natural daylight. Whereas at the lounge area of a darker palette, the red brick walls and herringbone timber flooring add a touch of English vintage character to this private chill-out zone. 

Being one of our biggest architecture and interior projects to-date, this spectacular mansion is undoubtedly the epitome of a luxury home that sparks limitless aspirations, notably in the pursuit of an opulent and distinctive lifestyle. 

The White Mansion / Bungalow at Ampang Jaya
Architectural Design / Interior Design & Build on 24,000 sq.ft. land.

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