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As for the interior, simplicity and comfort are taken into account by embracing wide open spaces and high ceilings, where specific materials are selected to evoke engaging familiarity and easement. The layout is carefully designed whereby it is capacious enough to fit families. Utilising and bringing emphasis to the volume of the living hall which introduces the lush courtyard, increases interaction with nature and that can be excessed through the massive pivot doors. The accentuation of the building's height by prioritizing large hallways and oversized doors that drastically exceed common dimensions, makes any space seem grand and elegant. Furthermore, the living hall is designed so that one has a direct view of the second living room due to the double-volume ceiling and the full-height windows that allow one to bask in natural sunlight, enhancing the space and overall ambience.
In order to design a sleek dry kitchen, we designed a concealed kitchen counter. The hideaway counter has all the appendages which extend and slide while keeping appliances out of sight and tucked away. Along with the elegant and clean island equipped with a sink, stove, and seating area, perfect for casual dining. Entering the dining room, the elevated formal dining setting is designed for a more intimate atmosphere.
On the highest floor, the skylight brings emphasis to the staircases during the day, which casts shadows on the stunning stairways. Leading up to the first floor, the second living room, also known as the flex room, allows parents to keep an eye on the children in the playroom, designed with the children's needs in mind. The master bedroom exudes class with clean elements and a gorgeous walk-in wardrobe and bathroom that also have a stunning skylight that gives it a luxurious yet homey touch.

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