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"Un-fold" built on a land of 8700sf with a build-up of 8650sf is meticulously designed to create a pleasing, modern exterior using geometric manipulation at its core. In the facade, the L-shaped roofing is modularly amalgamated into a stellar yet intricate design that folds continuously to the ground. In order to bring about unity in the design of the narrow building as the 3-storey residence exceeds in height, enhancing the width by adding different depths to the roof design, the car porch roofing is designed where it is not directly aligned with the narrow building, so as to design intersecting structures showcasing unity. The facade showcases the design of the car porch roof on the ground floor which wraps to the back of the courtyard with a void in the center. The use of curtain walls is integrated continuously from the first to the second floor to divide the building from the ground floor and give it a more modern look that uses operable windows and louvres, which provide shade and embrace the light and view as well as take the tropical weather into consideration.
Louvres are integrated throughout the building due to the sun orientation which also allows light penetration, reduction of glare, and privacy. Greater exposure to natural light in certain parts of the abode will give better visual and physical connection between spaces. Skylights are added throughout the house, with the intention of pulling natural light into the interior to aid the dearth of natural light due to the sun's orientation and form.

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