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Surrounded by a meandering river in the suburb of Hulu Langat district, this exclusive property boasts a 6-acre private land that is blessed with lush meadows and scenic landscape. With the brief of our client requesting a tropical villa as a private holiday home for 3 families, this 4,200 sqft. double-storey bungalow was built from an elevated ground amidst the greens.

The architecture of this villa is a remarkable expression of modern tropical design. The huge pitched roof with deep overhangs effectively fends off heat and glare from the warm climate, while the selection of louver windows provides excellent ventilation and thermal comfort, without skimping on natural daylight.

Viewing from afar, the four significant vertical pillars wrapped with red clay bricks perfectly complement the red pitched roof, which conjointly highlight a strong architectural statement altogether. With the tactful use of wide windows, as well as the natural materials of woods and stones around the exterior, this villa blends harmoniously into the tropical landscape with its serene surroundings.

Stepping into the interior space, this villa emanates a bright and airy atmosphere with a primary palette of white, dark wood, and earthy tones. An open-space plan is adopted for the floor to take full advantage of the natural sunlight around the house, as well as to maximise the access of panoramic view of the outdoor scenery.

The spacious dining area features a double volume dark wood ceiling, which is extended to the first floor corridor that refines our tropical design with a sleek statement. An exposed red brick accent wall alongside the staircase creates a warm and textured backdrop, so does the use of travertine stones on selected feature walls that bring in the outdoor organic elements for an interesting contrast.

With a mix of exotic ornaments, statues, and furniture blended into the tropical theme, this villa exudes a coherent vibe of resort vacation throughout the entire space. In essence, with such closeness to nature and tranquility, this private sanctuary is an ideal retreat to rejuvenate the minds from the bustling urban life.

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