The Trendiest Kitchen Design Elements According to Instagram

The Trendiest Kitchen Design Elements According to Instagram

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Apr 24, 2017
Why you should care

Colours, materials, lighting, and more.

These design elements were all over Instagram, so it’s time we got all over them.

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, then borrow some inspiration from these popular looks.

Mixed Materials

We already said that the mixed materials trend will explode in 2017. The most beautiful and functional kitchens to utilise a mix of organic and synthetic materials.

The chrome chairs and refrigerators are a good pinch of contemporary in this cottage-style kitchen.

Charming rattan chairs, an easy-to-clean marble countertop, and steam punk-inspired pendant lamps? Yes, please. The grey and blue colour scheme keeps all the materials in sync.

Not for the faint-hearted, this kitchen cleverly mixes materials, patterns, and colours. Genius.


No matter the shade or usage, this colour seemed to be a strong favourite.

Jewel tones are always pretty; mix it with gold for an instant luxe feel.

If you’re after something closer to a neutral, try a muted seafoam that’s easy on the eyes.

A cooler tone, dark green is a great accent colour for a Scandinavian kitchen.


It seems that many dream kitchens are blue.

This pale shade is light, refreshing, and unobtrusive.

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While dark shades like these are popular for their classy and classic touch.

Alternatively, make a bold statement with a brighter blue – Use it on a feature wall, the seating, or for your island like this one.

3-in-a-Row Lighting

Smaller pendant lights arranged in a row to light kitchen islands and dining table were a popular pick. While some of these kitchens used identical lightings, others varied the lamp shade shapes or colour.

These rounded glass bulbs are contemporary chic.

Another popular way to use the 3-in-a-row trick is to colour the kitchen neutral and leave the pop of colour to the lighting.

The contrasting style of the lighting in this kitchen adds character to the room.

Industrial Stools

Bar and island stools seemed to have one thing in common: industrial inclinations.

These ones are definitely not forgettable.

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Gold makes anything more interesting.

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Minimalist, but definitely not boring.

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Tile Emphasis

What better place to have fun with tiles than the kitchen? We’re seeing really interesting tile layouts, shapes, and colours.

Instagram can’t get enough of green kitchens!

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Muted colour, magic placement.

Keep your mostly white kitchen pristine with a hint of marble blue!

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Why you should care

Colours, materials, lighting, and more.

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