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From a water revolution disguised as a tap to a bespoke home cinema experience, the ADA Atap’s Picks Products of the Year shines a light on the extraordinary innovations shaping our homes.

While the spotlight shines on stunning projects and trailblazing designers, let’s not forget the unsung heroes – the products that shape our homes and elevate our experiences.

Atap has once again combed through the year’s most creative, practical, and awe-inspiring products, unveiling the winners of its coveted Products of the Year awards. These are the home goods that redefine function, embrace beauty, and push the boundaries of what’s possible, inspiring us to dream bigger and live better.

TOTO by W.Atelier Malaysia

Product Name: TOTO Washlet SW

Product Category: Sanitary Ware

The TOTO Washlet SW redefines possibilities with its sleek curves and cutting-edge technology. Immerse yourself in personalised luxury with adjustable warm water sprays, a heated seat, and an odour-neutralising deodoriser. Premisting and a powerful 360° flush keep things pristine, while the wall-mounted design adds a touch of modern minimalism.

Beyond aesthetics, the SW is a champion of well-being. Adjustable water pressure and temperature cater to individual preferences, while self-cleaning nozzles and energy-saving features ensure both hygienic and eco-friendly operation.

DELUX Holding (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Product Name: DELUX UniGate

Product Category: Home Security Products

Say goodbye to rusted rollers, noisy grinding, and dirt-clogged tracks. DELUX UniGate’s revolutionary trackless system eliminates these frustrations. Engineered for heavy gates, it distributes weight evenly, minimising pressure on bearings and ensuring whisper-quiet operation. Customisation is DELUX’s middle name. Tailor dimensions, colours, and designs to seamlessly blend with your home and personality.

UniGate boasts numerous accolades, from the Malaysia Book of Records for innovation and design to The Star Outstanding Business Awards for excellence in service and marketing. Experience the future of auto-gates with UniGate – where style meets innovation, and every drive feels like a grand entrance.

Hunter Douglas (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Product Name: Pirouette® Sheer Shades

Product Category: Window Covering

Tired of windows stuck in either full sun or blackout mode? Pirouette® Window Shadings by Hunter Douglas are here to help! Sculptural fabric vanes glide effortlessly on a sheer backing, transforming harsh light into soft hues.

Whether you want sun-drenched mornings or cosy twilights, Pirouette’s unique design lets you effortlessly adjust the light, creating dramatic effects that enhance any space. Pirouette shields your furniture and flooring from harmful rays, keeping them vibrant for years to come. Plus, choose from a stunning array of high-quality fabrics, each adding a touch of sophistication to your décor!

Goldenduck International Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Product Name: Cinemagica by Goldenduck

Product Category: Audio & Visual

Cinemagica by Goldenduck doesn’t just provide audio and visuals – it’s about crafting an experience that elevates your life. Think crisp visuals that transport you to another world, immersive sound that makes your heart beat faster, and technology that responds to you.

Cinemagica lets you enjoy the big screen magic right in the comfort of your own living room. Goldenduck goes beyond mere installations; the brand collaborates with architects, designers, and, most importantly, you to design a bespoke system that seamlessly integrates into your residence and reflects your personality.

Levo Art Stone Sdn. Bhd.

Product Name: Emerald Pandora

Product Category: Building Material

Emerald Pandora is a stone unlike any other. Each piece tells a unique story, etched in the swirling veins, the subtle colour variations, and the textures that have taken years to form.

Every slab of Emerald Pandora is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, a special feature that only you would own. No two pieces are ever the same, making your chosen stone a testament to nature’s diversity and beauty.

BACFREE – Bacteria Free Water Filters (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Product Name: Just Tap Quadro

Product Category: Water Purifier & Tap

Kitchens shrinking, appliances multiplying? Just Tap Quadro has your back (and countertop!). This revolutionary tap ditches the bulky purifier/dispenser, squeezing all its functions into one sleek design. Hot filtered for tea, chilled filtered for iced coffee, ambient for cooking, and even direct unfiltered for filling pots – a water wonderland at your fingertips.

Multiple colours, from stylish chrome to popping red, ensure Just Tap complements your kitchen personality as much as it declutters your space. It’s a water revolution disguised as a tap, ready to reclaim your countertop freedom and redefine Malaysians’ home hydration. Get ready to say goodbye to bulky products and hello to Just Tap Quadro!

Feruni Ceramiche

Product Name: The Arch

Product Category: Building Materials

Say goodbye to flat walls and hello to stunning curves! The Arch is here to revamp your space and upgrade your design game with curved tiles. You can customise the curves to match your building’s architecture or create your own unique style.

Cost-effective and durable, it shines both indoors and outdoors, concealing unsightly beams and transforming spaces with captivating grace. As the first-ever curved tile in Malaysia and the recent winner of the “Best of RiX Product” award, Arch is breaking new ground in design.

VMG Work

Product Name: VMG Coating

Product Category: Coating

VMG Coating unlocks a world of boundless possibilities with its industry-defying coating solutions. Imagine Nano Titanium’s sleek shine, Bead Blast’s textured allure, and Liquid Metal’s captivating shimmer – all playing canvas to your unique design desires.

Applicable to a wide range of materials and surfaces, VMG Coating offers unparalleled flexibility in design. It is also easy to clean and maintain, minimising downtime and upkeep costs. The brand works closely with designers and builders to ensure smooth integration of coatings into your projects.


Product Name: Tala

Product Category: Rugs & Decor

Tala, the showstopping rug, reimagines classic tilework with a modern flourish. Bold geometric patterns and rich colours dance across its hand-woven canvas, ready to turn any room into a masterpiece. It bridges the gap between elegance and playful drama, making even the most basic space feel complete and inviting.

Tala’s uniqueness ignites your space, adding instant personality and drama, especially suited for spacious, light-infused settings.

Tekni Furniture Sdn. Bhd.

Product Name: Auto Reverse by Arketipo

Product Category: Sofa

Meet Auto-Reverse, a groundbreaking design by Giuseppe Viganò that reimagines the sofa as a dynamic partner in your evolving living space.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Auto-Reverse features cushions boasting a four-way zip, unveiling a treasure trove of material and colour combinations beneath. Choose between the sleek sophistication of leather and the inviting warmth of fabric, crafting a look that seamlessly reflects your current mood or occasion.

Shimlen Sdn. Bhd.

Product Name: Sleek Acoustic Panel

Product Category: Interior Building Material

Sleek Acoustic Panel is a coated fluted panel with built-in acoustic features, saving carpenters time with its streamlined installation and offering creative freedom with its flexible design. But what truly sets it apart is its dual functionality: it both enhances aesthetics and absorbs sound, making it ideal for a variety of spaces.

Crafted from durable wood-based materials for lasting elegance, they also boast advanced acoustic elements for impeccable room acoustics. The product’s easy installation, impact resistance, moisture resilience, and sound absorption address key market needs, making Sleek Acoustic Panels a standout choice for both professionals and homeowners.

EGLO Lighting Malaysia by E&E

Product Name: Tortola

Product Category: Lighting / Floor Lamp

Tortola is not just a lamp; it’s a statement piece for your space. Its sleek black metal base reaches out like a graceful arc, supporting the classic black shade. But the intrigue lies beneath; a peek reveals a secret laminated interior featuring the warm glow of brushed brass, adding a touch of unexpected luxury.

This interplay of textures continues with the base. Three artfully staged brass stands hold the lamp aloft, creating a modern silhouette that’s as much art as a light source. A convenient foot switch allows you to illuminate your space in brilliance, perfect for reading nooks or beside the sofa. Tortola seamlessly blends form and function, a minimalist masterpiece that illuminates your life with a modern flair. Choose your light with the flexible E27 socket and find the perfect glow to match your mood.

From a water revolution disguised as a tap to a bespoke home cinema experience, the ADA Atap’s Picks Products of the Year shines a light on the extraordinary innovations shaping our homes. They’re designed to make life easier, healthier, and more beautiful. Here’s to a future where your space isn’t just functional but filled with everyday brilliance.

Why you should care

From a water revolution disguised as a tap to a bespoke home cinema experience, the ADA Atap’s Picks Products of the Year shines a light on the extraordinary innovations shaping our homes.

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