The Malaysian Kitchen Cabinet Compilation That You Need

The Malaysian Kitchen Cabinet Compilation That You Need

Lydia Lohshini by Lydia Lohshini on Oct 12, 2020
Why you should care

Give your kitchen the attention it deserves with customised cabinets with colour, finishes, and hardware that best suit your home and style. These Malaysian homes feature everything from pastel pink storage to classic wood exposed shelves.

Your cabinets and storage play a major role in setting the scene for the style and layout of your kitchen. It will help keep you organised and prepped for all your cooking needs.

With that said, your kitchen cabinets are a big investment so making the right choice is vital. These Malaysian kitchens will help you decide on what design and layout work best for your home.

Why settle for one colour when you can have two? The grey and green hues in this kitchen are so stunningly contrasting that you have no choice but stare at them all day! Bonus points for using white shelves against a white backsplash that make the kitchenware look like they’re levitating.

This contemporary modern enclave features a minimalist kitchen design that flaunts wood and crisp white countertops that pair together perfectly.

With a barnyard inspired theme, the kitchen in this home features layered wood panels and vinyl brown cabinetry that have been customised to maximise the kitchen space.

Using a contemporary theme, the homeowners requested clean lines and adequate storage for their kitchen. Using a combination of closed and exposed storage, the interior designer opted for white cabinetry with black reflective accents.

Designed for large groups and parties, this Airbnb unit wanted to utilise all its floor space so instead of having a large kitchen, they opted for a single wall kitchen with simple white and wood cabinetry that provides maximum storage.

This bungalow unit with a classic theme has a stunning kitchen that flaunts deep grey cabinetry with silver fixtures that stand out against the wood flooring. The combination of colours leaves you with a warm and cosy feeling.

When you have a small space, its best to break up the colours in the space to avoid making the space look monotonous and boring. This kitchen uses white countertops to separate the dark brown cabinets from the grey cabinets, giving the small kitchen more character.

Luxurious and lavish are the two words we’d use to describe this kitchen. The unique curved breakfast bar is only the beginning of this kitchen. The reflective silver cabinetry alongside the white and rose gold hidden storage doors are simply works of art.

All white everything! Don’t be afraid of full white kitchens, upkeep may take more time than usual but results are a stunning and pristine kitchen.

Black and white marble make a great combination. The matt black cabinets and marble countertops are contrasting yet complementary, making quite the statement in this kitchen.

The solid white and grey reflective cabinets are separated by exposed wood cabinets that act as a divider for the two tones.

Boasting an industrial theme, this bungalow in Damansara Heights has a full-fledged kitchen that could be a chef’s dream. Outfitted with white cabinets, wooden storage and a gorgeous stained wood countertop, we have to say this is one of our favourite kitchens!

Continuing with the rustic theme throughout the home, the kitchen too features classic wooden cabinetry. The dark wood tone gives off a warm ambience that is felt all through the space.

This futuristic home has opted for white cabinets that have a reflective finish to complement the luminous blue lights that can be found throughout the home.

Located in Melaka, this country-themed home features a combination of materials in their kitchen that in theory may not work well together but somehow this home pulls it off perfectly. The tiled countertop alongside wooden cabinets and a marble kitchen island embody the country style.

Sticking to a timeless design, the homeowners and interior designers opted to use sleek wooden cabinets that pair nicely with the marble countertop and backsplash.

This gorgeous and dainty kitchen in Subang features black, white and pastel pink cabinets with black trimmings that tie the entire kitchen together.

We love the combo of cabinet styles in this single-wall kitchen. The interior designer used semi-visible panels for the upper cabinets while leaving the bottom half fully closed.

To give your kitchen a more seamless look, you can consider these cabinet options that come without handles. The custom fit of the cabinet and electrical appliances also add to the neat and organised look of this space.

Not a fan of white cabinets? Check out this black and seamless option that oozes style.

Black cabinets with gold handlebars are such a classic option that will continue to remain timeless.

This seamless black kitchen cabinet option is so stylish and aesthetically pleasing that we’d want to spend more time in our kitchen.

Not sure which cabinet style suits your home? Get in touch with Malaysian interior designers.
You can also check out other local interior design portfolios.

Why you should care

Give your kitchen the attention it deserves with customised cabinets with colour, finishes, and hardware that best suit your home and style. These Malaysian homes feature everything from pastel pink storage to classic wood exposed shelves.

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