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Positive ‘chi’ starts at home. Here are three lucky colours to elevate your spaces with this Chinese New Year.

The Lunar New Year begins on February 10th, 2024, and as we step into the Year of the Dragon, there’s no better time to breathe new life into your home.

In Chinese culture, certain colours are considered auspicious. With this year’s zodiac focusing on the Wood Dragon, which symbolises creativity, ambition, and growth, the spotlight is on its lucky colours: Emerald Green, Vivid Yellow, and Vibrant Red. With a palette brimming with prosperity, we dive into the clever ways to incorporate these hues into our homes to create a space that not only looks beautiful but also attracts positive energy and prosperity.

Emerald Green

Taking centre stage as the luckiest colour of the Lunar Year, Emerald Green represents the wood element in feng shui. This lush and vibrant shade signifies growth, renewal, and balance. As the colour associated with nature’s abundance, it’s perfect for welcoming positive vibes during the Year of the Dragon. Bring Emerald Green into your home through:

  • Walls and accents:  Create a focal point and a sense of balance within your space, whether through accent walls or adding subtle touches of Emerald Green in your living room or bedroom.

Left: Moda Design Studio Right: MOXIE

  • Indoor plants: Incorporate vibrant green plants in your home for a refreshing look while connecting your space to nature.
Ground Up Sdn Bhd

  • Soft furnishings: Use Emerald Green in pillows, curtains, or rugs. These small touches bring calmness, turning your home into a haven of positive energy.
Studio Ayra

Vivid Yellow

Frequently associated with prosperity and happiness, yellow or even gold provides a radiant touch to your home. The vibrant hues hold special meaning, making either one of them an excellent choice for infusing your living space with good vibes and good fortune. Add Vivid Yellow or gold to spaces with: 

  • Statement fixtures: Add pops of Vivid Yellow with striking cabinetry and shelves to inject some joyful and warm vibes.
Le Blanc Design

  • Decorative accents: Sprinkle hints of gold with decorative items like mirrors, light fixtures or small furniture to infuse a positive atmosphere while adding a touch of luxury.

Left: Apieceofart Sdn Bhd Right: Spaceplay

Vibrant Red

Perhaps the most iconic colour during the Chinese New Year, Vibrant Red is the go-to hue for good luck, joy, and prosperity. Symbolising strength, passion and the potential for great achievements incorporating the hue into your home invites a burst of positive energy that sets the stage for a prosperous and joyous year. Infuse Vibrant Red into your home through:

  • Accent furnishing: Make a bold statement with Vibrant Red furniture in your dining area or kitchen for an instant mood-lifter.

Left: Mil Design & Construction Right: Mues Design

  • Textiles and soft furnishing: Dress your home with Vibrant Red textiles or add throw blankets and cushions. These additions inject energy into your living space with a touch of warmth.
Dare Solution

By incorporating these lucky colours of the Wood Dragon into your home, whether through big or small enhancements, we’re sure you’ll be well on your way to transforming your home into a haven of prosperity and style this Lunar New Year. 

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Why you should care

Positive ‘chi’ starts at home. Here are three lucky colours to elevate your spaces with this Chinese New Year.

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