2017 home decor trends all the cool people are already adopting

2017 Home Décor Trends All the Cool People are Already Adopting

Lydia Lohshini by Lydia Lohshini on Oct 24, 2016
Why you should care

Get on these home decor trends because 2016 is so last year.

It may seem like it was just yesterday that we welcomed the marble and copper trend of 2016 but we’re about to leave those looks in the dust. Forecasters are already predicting trends well into 2017!

Here’s the 411 on 2017’s home trends and how you can get on the bandwagon.

Mixed Material Arts

We’re about to see more home décor furnishings with mixed materials. Think gold and brass, metals and cork, glass and wood, and so on. Incorporating two or more materials gives off an eclectic feel which homeowners seem to be turning to.

mixed material decor

SOURCE: Clockwise: design-mil.com, mocoloco.com, refinery29.com

Gem and Jewels

Out goes pastel shades and in comes jewel and gem tones. Bright iridescent hues are becoming the next big thing. Pantone’s prediction of next year’s big colours like Pink Yarrow, Lapis Blue, Flame and Island Paradise are all jewel tones.

We’re moving away from soft romance to vibrant and fun. Inspired by metals that are gaining traction in the home décor community, jewel shades add that extra sparkle to your home.

jewel theme trend

SOURCE: Clockwise: thechromologist.com, overstock.com, the100layercake.com

Bold is Back

We are stepping away from subtle and simple wall colours and turning to art-inspired wallpaper. 2017 welcomes a new world of visual possibilities and walls want to join the party.

Wallpapers are no longer associated with charming prints reminiscent of your beloved grandma’s house. Instead, they’re becoming more creative, and more high fashion. We’re all trying to create a unique home environment and these new wallpapers will do just that.

bold colours home wallpaper trend

SOURCE: L: domino.com; R: onekingslane.com

Industrial Rustic

Homeowners want to tread the fine line between modern and vintage styles so designers are picking up on this by creating furniture that blend the old and new. Old furniture looks are updated with modern fixtures and new designs are getting vintage twists.

We are also turning towards industrial rustic fixtures: think metals fused with wood, glass, and earthier elements. These contrasting textures capture a vintage feel while adding a tinge of modernism.

industrial rustic trend

SOURCE: Clockwise: behr.com, hgtv.com, paradeofhomestour.com

Turning to Terracotta

terracotta home trend

SOURCE: Clockwise: domino.com, decoist.com, perysmart.com.au

Terracotta is making a big comeback. We’re leaving bronze and brass behind and picking up on an earthier material, terracotta. It’s all about creating a warm environment forthe home, and terracotta does just that. Terracotta not only adds colour to your home, it also adds character – that’s what you tell your awestruck guests.

Get Earthy

With Pantone’s prediction of 2017’s Kale colour, it’s our cue to go green. This doesn’t necessarily mean including more green furniture into the home, but adding more greenery like plants. It also translates into natural furniture materials like timber, clay, and wicker.

earthy home trend

SOURCE: Clockwise: sarahshermansamuel.com, oppa.com, cuded.com

Cover image from home-designing.com

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Why you should care

Get on these home decor trends because 2016 is so last year.

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