Geeky Kitchen Ideas That Will Leave You Drooling

Geeky Kitchen Ideas That Will Leave You Drooling

Christyna Fong by Christyna Fong on Jun 18, 2016
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Embrace your passion for food with these brilliant kitchen ideas straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Remember that futuristic cartoon family, The Jetsons? Flying cars, programmable dreams, and kitchen robots…that was the dream.

Now, some 50 years on and we’re still a far cry from Judy Jetson’s ability to create a hot meal out of nothing more than a food brick and an oven that cooks to order with a press of a button. But technology is surely permeating the kitchen space, and we’re embracing it with open, robotic arms.

jetsons kitchen


1 Kitchen Counter and Islands

The kitchen counter or island is hands down the most central (if not the most essential) part of the kitchen.

Rounded designs take centre stage when trying to create a futuristic look and feel. The lack of sharp edges makes for a modern room, evoking imageries of UFOs and alien science labs (but much cuter).

It’s also more space efficient, accommodating more people than a traditional angular island would. Chrome details and finishes are another win in our books, for its futuristic charm on top of being easy to clean.

modern kitchen island


Sleek marble countertops with chrome finishes work hand-in-hand to create a subtle modern look that will stand the test of time. This one marries futuristic touches with retro design like round stool chairs and splashes of accent colours.

modern kitchen counter


2 Cabinets

Built-in conveniences are a big part of any modern kitchen. The future however, lies in smart designs like high-gloss maple cabinets with built-in appliances. Think dishwashers built into a shelving space, trash compactors concealed under sinks, and ovens that slide out without so much as an abracadabra.

In this design, even the induction hob is designed to be flat for a seamless appearance along the countertop.

chrome kitchen


And just because it’s futuristic doesn’t mean it has to look like it came out of a sci-fi movie set in 2245. Sleek metal drawers are softened with pops of colour for a kitchen look and feel that is straight out of a dystopian 50s.

retro modern kitchen


3 Disposal System

As we become more conscious about the environmental effects of household waste, a garbage disposal system will become more and more important to kitchen designs.

Let’s take this microbial home system for example. While technically a kitchen island that can be moved around, integrated into the design is a chopping surface with vegetable waste grinder.

kitchen disposal system


This allows you to chop and dispose of the waste on the same surface. The waste grinder consists of a methane digester, which converts vegetable trimmings into methane gas that powers part of the island like the cooking range and lights.

Thoughtful design with minimal cleaning, and good for Mother Nature to boot.

4 Faucets

Forget your traditional faucets and rounded porcelain sinks. The future is more than just modern plumbing systems; it’s all about interacting with water in the funkiest way possible.

This Ring Faucet allows water to flow in a circular motion, with a design that is evocative of a smooth waterfall.

kitchen ring faucet


Take this up a notch by incorporating precise tech to your faucet. Built-in water control technology allows the user to control the temperature digitally.

Turn the temperature up when you need to boil pasta or steam food, and keep it ice cold when washing your fruits and veggies.

5 Lighting

Lighting is integral to setting the mood, and even the lighting in your kitchen can affect its appearance. For modern kitchens, lighting is more important than ever as it marries traditional utility with aesthetics and environmentally conscious tech.

Recessed lighting right under workstations and cabinets add a rich and sophisticated texture, making the source of light hard to determine.

modern kitchen lights


Playing with light colours is another way to add futuristic elements to your kitchen, such as these subtle blue lights that run along the kitchen counter.

blue kitchen lights


Even using a single light source like this stunning chrome pendant light over the main dining area can lend a minimalist, modern touch.

kitchen pendant lamp


Use LED lights as they are energy efficient and don’t burn as hot, preventing added heat in the kitchen. Their light and shadow are also a lot less harsh compared to compact fluorescent lamps and incandescent lights.

6 Electronics and Gadgets

The best part of a kitchen from the future? The tech. More and more, technology is being incorporated into our everyday kitchen experience, making cooking more of a joy and less of a hassle. For example, the Prisma Smart Kitchen allows users to search for recipes and display images while preparing ingredients on the same counter.

high tech kitchen


How about coffee that comes out directly from a tap built into your kitchen counter? Because it’s a thing.

smart coffee maker


This minimalist stainless steel tap can be built into any tabletop. Called the TopBrewer, it brews perfect cups of fresh-bean coffee with frothy milk that is heated on demand. It’s not just coffee that this nifty device prepares. Cold drinking water, milk, hot water for tea, and even steam for blanching vegetables are all part of its repertoire.

The cherry on this icing is its cleaning system that rinses all hoses with clean water after brewing each cup. And you can control all of these functions from an app!

If these additions are too fancy for your taste (and budget), a kitchen cabinet mount for your iPad is an instantaneous way to incorporate technology to your cooking experience.

tablet kitchen


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Why you should care

Embrace your passion for food with these brilliant kitchen ideas straight out of a sci-fi movie.

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