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Filled with design excellence that spanned over three days, we take a look at all the highlights that made this year’s ceremony truly memorable!

Filled with design excellence that spanned over three days, we take a look at all the highlights that made last year’s ceremony truly memorable!

The 2023 Atap Design Awards has ended but we’re still not over those three exhilarating days where we celebrated talented interior design firms that have made waves throughout the year. From December 7th to 9th, this dynamic event encompassed an inspiring conference at GMBB Kuala Lumpur, a glamorous award ceremony and gala night at JW Marriott, and a gallery showcase of the winning projects at TOTO Showroom by W. Atelier

And as we look forward to the next Atap Design Awards, we’re reminded of all the details that made this epic 3-day event a massive success. From the overwhelming support of our partners and sponsors to the unforgettable moments shared with the designers, read on below to see how the 2023 ADA Week set the bar higher.

1. Embraced new talent with ADA Student Icons and Best Young Designer Award

Over the years, Atap.co has seen many young and aspiring designers who have showcased immense talent, innovation, and creativity. To celebrate and recognize their craft and achievements, The Atap Design Awards proudly introduced the first ADA Student Icons alongside the Best Young Designer Award. Aside from spotlighting established design firms across Malaysia, Atap.co is committed to nurturing emerging designers, firmly believing that their fresh perspectives and creative ingenuity are crucial to the development of the design industry.

From left, Tan Jin Moon (Malaysian Institute of Art), Tan Qian-Jing (Mobius Academy) and Jessie Chen Vernern (Taylor’s University) presented with the ADA Student Icons 2023 Award.

2. Sipped with the best with Moët Hennessy Diageo

A selected group of designers was chosen to experience an exclusive Blue Label Private Tasting, proudly sponsored by Moët Hennessy Diageo. Here, designers learned the best ways to savour the whisky and sample its exquisite notes. To top it off, guests were treated to complimentary cocktails by the brand, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the evening.

Left: A special tasting by Moët Hennessy Diageo. Right: Complimentary cocktails served before the ceremony.

3. Rode in style with BMW

Thanks to Millennium Welt, one of our valued Premium Lifestyle Partners, designers were treated to an exclusive showroom experience leading up to the grand gala on ADA Week Day 2. Here, they got to immerse themselves in the world of BMW while exploring its cutting-edge EVs up close. Wrapping up the experience, designers were chauffeured back to the hotel in these sleek and sophisticated cars.

Several designers arrived at the iconic JW Marriott Hotel in style in stunning BMW cars.

4. Relished in culinary creations at JW Marriott

It wouldn’t have been a night of glamour without a tantalising culinary experience to complete it! Thanks to our esteemed premium lifestyle sponsor, the 5-star JW Marriott Hotel, guests were treated to a delightful array of exquisite Chinese-inspired creations served up in an impressive 12-course meal. 

A glimpse into the exquisite 12-course feast at the 5-star JW Marriott Hotel.

5. Surrounded in luxury in the all-new TOTO Showroom 

On Day 3 of ADA Week 2023, the Winning Project Gallery Showcase was held at the newly upgraded TOTO Showroom by W. Atelier in Petaling Jaya. Amidst celebrating talented young designers and brands, guests were captivated by the luxurious space furnished with opulent, high-tech wares. Attendees got to browse through the expansive range by TOTO, including the state-of-the-art WASHLETTM.

Left: The luxurious space of TOTO by W. Atelier Showroom. Right: Michelle Kok of Trinity Squad Sdn Bhd and guest exploring the showroom.

6. ‘Atap Picks’ the best products of 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of technologies and trends, it’s important to recognise the brands and products that play a pivotal role in design. Hence, Atap Picks 2023 (Product Of The Year) encapsulates not only timeless and practical products but also those that showcased ingenuity and artistry. After thoroughly going through countless submissions, 12 impressive products have left a lasting impression. Read about them here.

Another year of recognising remarkable products that set the tone of 2023.

7. Bespoke sculptural trophies 

After months of R&D, meetings and samples, a silhouette was finally chosen for the ADA 2023 trophies. Showcasing smooth curves and sharp edges, the statuesque piece was tailored to reflect prominent trends we saw in 2023 along with elements of ADA from the logo to motifs. Made possible with the support of Feruni, the sculptural trophies stood tall as a visual representation of the award’s prestige. 

Our bespoke Atap Design Awards 2023 trophies standing tall.

8. Welcome gifts for international attendees

As a token of appreciation to our international guests, we presented them with a carefully chosen set of items perfect for enjoying an afternoon tea, known as ‘minum petang’ in Malaysia. This special gift included a batik-stamped coaster pewter from Royal Selangor, the intricately layered Sarawak kek lapis by Kitchen Confidante, a charming printed tea towel from Binka, and a set of Malaysian culture stickers by Loka Made. This welcome gift truly captures the essence of Malaysia’s rich cultural tapestry.

A set of Malaysian-inspired gifts for our international guests.

9. Cinema-level audio and visual with Goldenduck International

Throughout ADA Week 2023, we were lucky enough to have Goldenduck International as ADA’s official audio and visual partner. The outstanding systems that enveloped our spaces with sensational sound and crystal-clear visuals brought each event to the next level. What’s more is that guests got to enjoy a 2-day live DJ set by the multifaceted Jake Chow, founder of Dot Works, in an exclusive collaboration with Goldenduck International during Day 1’s ADA Designer Conference and at the end of the gala night on Day 2!

Jake Chow of Dot Works performing a live set during Day 1 of ADA Week 2023.

10. The cosiest seating for our speakers with Tekni

We take comfortability very seriously, and we’re incredibly grateful to have partnered with Tekni, a furniture brand that prioritises quality craftsmanship and excellence. With some of the best armchairs the brand has to offer, our guest speakers and presenters on Day 1 of ADA Week 2023 enjoyed deluxe seating all through the day.

From left, Mixy Ooi (Vault Design Lab), Veanne Chong (Luxe Interior), Jennifer Murray (Evocateurs), Alex Lee (Nu Infinity/Design Seed) and Wei-Lin Chong (TOTO by W. Atelier Sdn Bhd) seated comfortably on Tekni armchairs.

From embracing emerging talents to fostering exclusive experiences, the 2023 ADA Week set a new standard, creating positive change in the ever-evolving world of design. We’d like to take a moment to once again extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our partners and designers for being a part of this transformative journey, and we look forward to the next Atap Design Awards! 

To read more about what went down during the 3-day Atap Design Awards, click here. For an exclusive interview with the 2023 ADA Designers of the Year, read here.

Why you should care

Filled with design excellence that spanned over three days, we take a look at all the highlights that made this year’s ceremony truly memorable!

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