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The One Colour You Need to Add to Your Space

Lydia Lohshini by Lydia Lohshini on Jul 3, 2017
Why you should care

It’s universal!

Grey and rainy days may put you in a funk while at work but they’re the perfect colour to relax to at home.

The perfect blend of black and white can be a beautiful neutral tone, and with its different shades and textures, can really come to life. Here’s why you should consider painting your walls grey.

1 Keep Stress at Bay

According to a colour psychologist, grey tones are great for people who want to “cocoon themselves in their home” away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. The hue has a calming effect the same way grey skies make us feel like crawling under our sheets.

2 Illusion of Depth and Space

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When used correctly, grey tones can add depth to a space, making your room seem bigger than it actually is.  The use of a singular tone can give off a flat finish but the combination of various tones and textures can give a room the burst of depth it deserves.

3 Timeless and Universal

We love how this whole room comes together. The grey tones paired with taupe and metal finishing give the room a classy, timeless vibe. Lighter shades of grey are often perceived as softer and more feminine while darker shades produce a brooding, masculine effect. Pairing the two creates a complex and time-defying space that can be paired with any trend. Think of your grey walls as an empty canvas just waiting to be explored.

4 Transcends Style

Marrying black and white – the kings of all neutrals – provides the perfect backdrop to varying styles from classic, to minimalistic, and even contemporary.

Grey is a muted tone that pairs well with a large spectrum of colours. It also looks great with various furniture styles. Take this project by DesignLogix that incorporates bright and vibrant colours with muted grey walls and floors. The tone delightfully contrasts the vibrant hues, adding character to the space.

Why you should care

It’s universal!

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