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KINTSUGI - Nostalgic Revival of Embracing Vintage Modern Sensibilities in an Open Office

KINTSUGI, is a meaningful design philosophy and strategy that can be applied to an interior design conceptual at an open office, while also honoring a company's cultural inheritance. Embracing the essence of Kintsugi, the existing cabinet can be restored instead of replacing it, preserving its historical value and story.

The idea of appreciating the imperfections and history of objects. This is an inspiration the cultural inheritance from the company differs from the interior design concept of mixing vintage with modern transformation through the lens of artisanal craftsmanship. In the company realm, cultural inheritance refers to the passing down of knowledge, traditions, and values from one generation to another, enabling organizations to build upon the successes. It encompasses understanding the historical context, respecting diverse cultural practices.
The concept allows for revamping and refurbishing other finishing elements, enhancing the overall aesthetic. To showcase the spirit of Kintsugi, gold beautifying details can be incorporated, such as exquisite accessories and delicate lining treatment. These golden accents symbolize the mending of brokenness and celebrate the beauty of imperfection, creating a unique and visually stunning environment that embodies the company's cultural heritage.


The open office space at the center of the building features numerous individual rooms, each equipped with
comfortable work desks. These rooms are strategically arranged, creating distinct areas and groups based on
department or function. Adjacent to these rooms, there are high tables and a long sofa positioned near a large
window adorned with shades. This window offers breathtaking views of the surrounding environment, such as
the serene sea, bustling cityscape, picturesque hillsides, and neighboring buildings.

The entire open office area is adorned with lush greenery, enhancing the ambiance and fostering a sense of
tranquility. The space is designed to maximize natural daylight, resulting in an illusion of a larger area. This
clever utilization of different views creates diverse moods and accents, allowing the people within the office to
enjoy a pleasant atmosphere while going about their work and the space not only offers a functional and
collaborative workspace but also provides a stimulating environment that inspires creativity and allows its
occupants to connect with the outside world.

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