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RM 1,050,000
156 weeks
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JOTA sdn bhd No. 28, Jalan Servis
10050 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
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Lydia's House has a presence that for exceeds its modest size. Located on a flat suburban lot surrounded by burgeoning residential development the house is essentially an orthogonal composition of planes and voids resulting in a sculptural form that differentiates from its more conventional neighbors.

Because of its suburban location, the architects have concentrated on creating a private domain. At the heart of the flat-roofed dwelling is an open-to-sky landscaped courtyard white the having room and master bedroom enjoy
'framed' views of the Sungai Buloh Forest Reserve situated to the north.

The upper floor of the two-storey unit projects one metre beyond the ground floor. with window openings 'carved out' of the white cubist form The principal facade reads as a while portal framing the living room and adjacent carport.A triangular swimming pool is slotted into a residual slice of land on the eastern flank of the house.

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