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24 weeks
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Chaos Design Studio The promenade
11900 Bayan Lepas
Penang, Malaysia
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Celebrating You, Embodying Uniqueness
The Present is a giftshop that specializes in custom made gifts for all occasions, where creativity and uniqueness is fully welcomed. Customizable gifts are a testament to the client’s individuality. To bring out this spirit of individuality, a chic contemporary bohemian style was adopted in the overall design. This is particularly seen in the layering of different patterns, textures and colours in all of the décor and furniture in the shop. From outside looking in, an accent rug is paired seamlessly with tables of different shapes and textures, along with an assortment of decoration items. These same elements of a swimmingly carefree nature are seen in the attached cafe as well. Contrasting different textures of wood and tiles, rough and smoothing one space, accentuates the layering effect that breaks free from hard and fast rules. Browns and greys are used often in the space to allow the many products and items on display to stand out. While these colours act as a grounding base, the pops of blush and cream, extend the feeling of a warm welcome, representing the happy occasions that the shop celebrates with their customers.
Big on collaborative effort, a large table is situated in a center of the shop for a wide and unrestrictive space. All the splendor of The Present is housed within a colonial time building in the heart of Alor Setar, Kedah. Deriving from this, European influences were incorporated were in the structures around the shop. Two panel above along, alongside large glass windows give onlookers a taste of the shop before they even step in. The many arch structures and elements further complement and the entire look in a refreshing refreshing manner. Raw and artistic, describes both the creative process of gift making as well as the design for this project. Hence, all these features come together to make the truly welcoming yet entirely unique experience of The Present.

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