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24 weeks
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Chaos Design Studio The promenade
11900 Bayan Lepas
Penang, Malaysia
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TR Residence is designed to create a uniform environment that evokes a sense of tranquility, while having a subtle algorithm that guides the relationship between the spaces and their specific designs. Mischief acts as a slender curvature incorporated in many structures in addition to the compliance of Fengshui requirements to minimize 90-degree corners, creating an elegant looking continuous flow throughout the space. Repose is arranged in the state of tranquility through the usage of desaturated colour palette while distinct pop of colours were often introduced in highlighted furniture pieces.

A soothing transition of shades can be seen throughout TR Residence. From the common areas (public) to bedrooms (private) we can see a transition of ascending shades of colour. When our client enjoys family time, they are surrounded by the beauty of light oak and desaturated hues. While privacy is highly valued in the personal spaces like bedrooms, they are surrounded by walnut textures and an additional saturated hue giving our client a changed mood.

The inimitable part is the unexpected slender curvatures that are applied daringly from the ceiling to the walls and also into the small details that could be only seen during the client’s daily activities which showcased the attention given when designing this project. The mergence of a continuous curved flow is highly focused to create a sense of uniformity but at the same time its subtlety is locked by desaturated hues just like how we envisioned.

The overall mood was kept with the light colour palette, hence textured lime-wash plastering, herring bone floors, eccentric fabrics, champagne accessories, distinct pop of colours, unique light fittings are introduced to complement the space. To add more distinctiveness, specially designed feature loose furniture with simple but daring forms are introduced with the usage of exotic marble, Arabescato Orobico.

Uniformity was further supplemented in the embodiment of vertically aligned battens with beautiful wood grain that appeared in many spaces. The staircase with skylight above which connects both floors together also held on the concept of TR Residence as it is made by a sophisticated curved metal frame which provides a perfect harmony for the user transitioning from one floor to the other. The juxtaposition between contemporary and classic, adopted through utilising classic and unique looking pieces of furniture and decorations in a uniform modern setting ensures that homogeneity in the design elements do not become a bore.

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