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Like an elegant pearl that cultivates its luminousity from the tug and pull of the waves, it embraces its surroundings and grows into something sophisticated. Even though it might look rough around the edges, what strikes the shell doesn't damage the pearls, a timeless beauty.

The design approach for South Tower follows the collected concepts where the design is opulent, sophisticated and natural, giving off a organic aesthetic. Inspired by the waves that form such beauty as the pearl, the design approach tells a story of how the flow and relationship of a space is rippled off each other, harmoniously merging when met together.

'Graceful and natural' is translated through curved lines and natural-textured surfaces onto the interior structures while the stream of elegance further observed in the details. The organic form imitating the form of waves is seen throughout in the application of the design for South Tower.

The materials chosen are part of the identity and characteristics of the specific tower. For South Tower, materials with light colors and airy hues are selected. The light color scheme added a notch of sophistication with use of brass metal and colorful opulence marble.

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