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36 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 1,700,000
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Chaos Design Studio The promenade
11900 Bayan Lepas
Penang, Malaysia
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Bold is the New Black
Kresidence, in Penang, is a home that is truly tailored to its owner. Minimalistic, bold and masculine with a touch of rustic elegance, is all bought together in each space through a consistent use of variety of stone, wood and metal elements. Stone elements are such as marble, lava stone and rough stone are used in combination with black wooden details and metallic elements in the living room and kitchen designs. Two unique rooms featured in this project stand out from the other spaces while still managing to work harmoniously well as a whole. Daughter’s room showcases pops of colours not seen in most parts of the house; however, the use of colours and warm lighting cohesively tie it in. Like his daughter, the man of the house also has his private area- the mancave where he can go to wind down and focusing his hobbies. Housing all his hobbies and artistic endeavors, space is maximized by creating hidden storage spaces that are made available and useful as they are aesthetically pleasing. In this space where colours and elements seem overwhelmingly earthy, an ample sense of space and lighting becomes key to brightening up the space. Full glass panels and windows allow for a sense of privacy yet possess permeability of interaction and light. Several structures in the house have also been made to open up the space to more natural light and the surrounding nature.

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