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Interior Design Budget
RM 100,000
5 weeks
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Property Value
RM 750,000
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The client requested a concept which features a minimalistic design with an overall classic element. “La Demoiselle” spans 715 square feet which exudes an air of cosiness and serenity as you make your way throughout the unit. To marry the client’s requirement of minimalistic elements, simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic palette with colour is used in the living space. The use of marble print in the feature wall also enhanced the living space and to give the unit a grand look. The use of carpet and pillows not only acts as an element to the overall design as it also functions to soften the lines of the minimally designed built-ins, to create a cosy and welcoming home for the client. The classic elements are showcased by the choice of light and warm colours based on creamy shades of white, beige, and warm browns, throughout the unit. A wall beading at the master medroon is also specially designed to bring up the classical element in this unit.

There is also the use of large mirrors which not only serve to give the feeling of enlarged rooms, but also to add stature to the design. Wide glass windows are used to utilise sunlight and provide for natural lighting in the bedrooms, living and dining spaces. A well-lit room brings about the feeling of spaciousness and reduces energy consumption, but the same can be said for a well shaded room too. The adjustable shades allow for a balanced thermal comfort-controlled environment where during times of intense sunlight, they can be lowered to cool the room and avoid overusing the air conditioners, hence allowing for lesser energy usage.

LED lights are used in this project to conserve energy and ensure sufficient lighting to bring out the character in the clean lines and monochromatic palette. In the master room, the highlight of the unit would be the showcase and hidden storage spaces as the request from the client was for easy maintenance and to provide sufficient spaces for the client’s collection of their personal goods. This adds to the sustainability of the design as there will be reduced carbon footprint and usage of cleaning agents to clean the showcase area.

To sum up this unit, it lives up to the request of the client and not only ensures that the materials, concept, and build are eye pleasing but also remains sustainable and environmentally conscious in the long run.

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