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DBI Concept Sdn Bhd is a Luxury Interior Design Firm based in Malaysia, and our standards, attention to detail, professional service, and an array of offerings have drawn the attention of high-end market. Our team is divided into three departments: Interior Design, Construction Engineering and Project Management, all of which have many years of hands-on experience. Each department works together to create a product that lives up to the client’s expectation of international design. Fulfilling clients’ desires and preferences, realizing their dream living atmosphere through professional perception and presentation, and combining objects and colors harmoniously through the integration of contemporary art culture are the motivation behind the company’s works. We believe that “the practice of design lies in the accurate and responsible construction.” The company’s list of services includes space planning, design drawing, engineering integration, color planning, home furnishing procurement, and curation. The company’s Design Director Kenny Foong and Art Director Adam Yap both advocates a divergent aesthetic philosophy, combines art and furnishings in space design, and actively integrates and extends the design of multiple aspects such as visual art, display culture, human space, etc., to create a new, elegant, and fashionable modern style. Having majored in sociology, their perspective gives them a closer insight and sensitivity towards social trends and people’s needs. They incorporate this into their design principles, believing that every living space should tell its own unique story. Adam Yap also adopts the philosophy of unifying various disciplines for the creation of elegant, modern style. More than offering services of interior design, DBI creates a beautiful spark that touches the soul.

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