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24 weeks
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In designing this workspace, the team thought about how the company needs to balance the needs of their employees for a more productive work environment. This open concept floor plan takes high traffic environments and acoustics as its key consideration. They ensure that users can communicate clearly and focus when needed. Thus, the presence of private breakout spaces where individuals or teams can either close themselves in, read a document, make a private phone call, have a quick meeting, or utilise the open collaborative spaces where they can connect across departments or teams for new approaches to work, enterprise-wide updates, promote cross learning, and forging a stronger company culture.
On top of that, there is a variety and feasibility to the client’s space to support various activities. The pantry maximises space as it also doubles as a spacious townhall area, with a white screen for projection. Unique and modern furniture adds to the appeal of a versatile workspace which can be used for work related activities or simple team engagements.
Besides a well thought out floor plan, colours can play a very important role in an office interior design. With the right balance of colours, it can potentially affect people and work balance positively. This project marries a combination of warm and cold shades that makes it somewhat playful but work relevant where necessary, a colourful implementation of the client’s request for an energetic and vibrant office space. Indigo, mint green, sea blue and orange are used to accentuate a creative atmosphere and encourage relaxation. Red, apple green and sky blue brings about the feel of an efficient workflow.
Lightings too play a part in ensuring an environmentally conscious and sustainable workplace. Wide glass windows allow for sunlight to shine in and provide natural lighting for the occupants. This is further enhanced by an open concept office with minimised partitioned spaces thus efficiently utilising the sunlight. Acoustic panels also play their part by reducing noise pollution, enhancing, and maximising the daylighting thus contributing to a good Healthy Indoor Environment.

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