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9 Plus Interior Design C-11, Jalan 3/144A
Medan Connaught
56000 Cheras
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

Design Vision & Concept
With an all-white concept that bridges the gap between modern and classic, this terrace house is transformed into a chic dwelling that exemplifies the designer's unique contemporary design language. There's more to the white palette than meets the eye, as fine details and meticulously crafted interior elements play a significant role in turning this pristine home into a personal oasis of tranquillity and beauty. Ultimately, the designers aimed to create a classically cosy abode that expresses a unique aesthetic while leveraging on the form and function of the home.

Aesthetic Qualities
While white is a dominant base colour, the key aesthetic of this home comes from a harmonious interplay of wood materials, subtle textures and French-inspired details to convey a sense of visual hierarchy to the space. The result is graceful yet stunning – the combination of wood and white surfaces in the form of opulent marble instantly creates a luxurious effect, resulting in a romantic atmosphere that invites convivial moments and relaxing downtime.

Functionality & Practicality
Built-in cabinets and storage units were designed as part of the decorative scheme to keep the rooms clutter-free and also to fully optimise the interior spaces. For example, in the upstairs hall, a section of the balustrade was transformed into an armoire-like bookshelf, painted entirely in white to blend in with the surrounding walls. In the master bedroom, the walk-in wardrobe features a spacious storage system while echoing the classic outlook of the home. Apart from the well-configured elements, the designers also created unique spaces like the semi-outdoor patio that doubles up as a laundry area. White bricks conceal the washing machine, while wood shelving with greeneries gives the space a cosy, back-to-nature feel.

Innovation & Originality
In an all-white interior, white walls often serve as the central canvas. In this home, however, the design team took the colour application a step further by strategically incorporating a sophisticated marble effect into key areas. In the living room, sleek marble complemented by classic lines draws the eye to the feature wall accommodating a flat-screen TV. In the dry kitchen, the kitchen counter and backsplash were constructed using white marble with prominent black veins to give the space a sense of depth and personality.

Environmental Sustainability
Wherever possible, natural and eco-friendly materials are used, while non-toxic paint ensures a cleaner and greener environment. For example, in the bedroom, natural fibres complement the soft furnishing, while blackout curtains that minimise heat transfer add an energy-saving component to the home. Solar water heaters were also incorporated to further decrease electricity consumption.

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