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Interior Design Project Info

Design Vision & Concept
The design of this penthouse was anchored on quiet elegance, as briefed by the client. Hence, our design utilized large blue marble panels which is elegant and one-of-a-kind. Luxury can be calming and simple as is.

Aesthetic Qualities
In view of the space being a penthouse, we designed the living room to be simple and spacious. Our aesthetic concerns took into consideration the view from the window panels, as it works as part of the design to create an illusion of a wide, warm and comfortable area for the client to bask in the vastness of the unit. Design tones were muted and quiet to meet the brief of “quiet elegance” and to seamlessly blend with the view right in front of the client’s eyes.

Functionality & Quality
As this unit was intended to be a family residence, the living room, dining area and dry kitchen was designed to be open and welcoming. This will promote interpersonal interaction on top of ensuring the space is comfortable for moving around.
There was also a room sectioned out and designed to be a recreational space with incorporation of high-end audio-visual setup. This will ensure the residence is also able to function as a venue to nurture friendship and togetherness

Innovation & Originality
In the centre of this unit is a uniquely designed stairs which breaks traditional boundaries. To blend with “Quiet Elegance”, the lamination all used marble patterns and the bars were designed to be simple yet eye-catching

Environmental Sustainability
The lighting points of this units have been planned carefully to illuminate necessary areas only. Our design wanted to make full use of the large panels of windows and utilize the abundant supply of natural light. Of course, we took into consideration rainy days or simply night time so there were indirect lighting embedded into the walls of the main areas of the unit. With that, we strike a balance of environmental sustainability and illumination needs.

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