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Design Vision & Concept
This large condo redefines luxury with a sensually dark and contemporary colour scheme, meticulously coordinated with a range of elegant materials to exude a touch of down-to-earth elegance. The dusky palette responds to the owners' distinctive, sophisticated style while offering them a cosy, laid-back abode they can call home. In all, this abode brings out the dark-toned concept beautifully without coming off as too cold or dim.

Aesthetic Qualities
The focus may be on the prevalent deep hues; however, the condo's aesthetic qualities are rooted in the designer's ingenuity to engage light, space and textures to infuse the dark backdrop with personality and depth. The living room is a prime example: black marble with lightning-inspired veins injects a unique appeal, while the white tiled flooring provides a lighter respite from the feature wall and surrounding dark wood cabinetry. The vibrant shade of brown for the upholstery is an excellent choice to introduce warmth to the space. At the same time, the transparent glass coffee table puts in a polished appeal to enliven the entire composition.

Functionality & Practicality
The interior elements are kept pragmatic yet stylish to provide the owners with a versatile living environment that caters to their desire for convenience and efficiency. Case in point: the designers merged the kitchen island with the dining table made from a beautiful wood slab to create an adaptable space for various activities. Staying true to the dark theme, dark wood cabinetry, black marble, deep grey upholstery and concrete-like finishing on the walls were employed to keep everything consistent. The space is also made more multifunctional, with an extended breakfast counter accompanied by two high chairs to demarcate the kitchen and the dining while offering the owners another cosy nook to have meals or work on their laptops.

Innovation & Originality
The master bedroom features a unique layout that maximises floor space yet stands out with its atypical placement of functional spaces. The bed area takes up most of the room but is strategically segregated from the walk-in wardrobe and the open bathroom suite. As sleeker materials adorn the wardrobe space as opposed to the softer tones in the sleeping zone, a distinct ambience ensues, resulting in a feeling of a different space altogether.

Environmental Sustainability
Energy-efficient appliances were primarily used throughout the home, especially in the kitchen – for example, the energy-saving refrigerator, hob, hood and oven. In addition, solar water heaters were also installed in the bathrooms to reduce the consumption of electricity.

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