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Design Vision & Concept
The beauty of marble is unparalleled – it is both timeless and contemporary at the same time. No two pieces are ever the same, and with the wide variety of colours and types available, they are indeed a masterpiece for the home. These charming characteristics are the reasons why the owners love this exquisite material and requested to employ it as an artistic element in their condo home. For the designers, the aim was to create a breathtaking marble effect in the condo without compromising a sense of balance and proportion. To do this, a contemporary concept with contrasting tones and complementary materials was used to strategically evoke the elegance of marble.

Aesthetic Qualities
Marble was carefully incorporated in specific areas to allow it to shine without overpowering the clean and streamlined interior elements. In the predominantly white-hued living room, the minimalist appearance is further enhanced with the subtle allure of the white marble on the feature wall. On the other hand, in the dining and kitchen, fancy reddish-brown marble on the backsplash and dark marble against wood details for the kitchen counter play a starring role in generating a bold and opulent theme. In both the master bedroom and the study room, grey marble with softer vein patterns breaks the monotony of the black and wood-toned cabinets.

Functionality & Practicality
The spatial configuration of the key living areas emphasises flow and functionality to ensure a comfortable and tranquil atmosphere. While the designer separated the living, dining and dry kitchen into individual spaces, they were configured to visually connect with one another via furnishing elements and finishes. The result is a well-balanced and practical layout that offers the owners ample space to carry out their daily activities.

Innovation & Originality
The study room design theme stands out from the rest of the home due to its dark palette consisting of dark grey and dark wood. Nevertheless, strategic placement of lighting keeps the room cosily lit and provides a comfortable environment for quiet, focused work. In contrast, one of the brightest spots in the home is the kids' playroom, which visually echoes the light and easy atmosphere of the living room. Classic lines on the white wall panels add texture and depth to the room while keeping the layout clean and contemporary.

Environmental Sustainability
Besides being beautiful, marble is a natural stone that offers longevity and is a potentially sustainable material when used consciously. In the design of this home, the designers chose high-quality marble and materials to ensure durability. Energy-saving appliances were also utilised to help the owners reduce the consumption of electricity.

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