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If you’re looking to give your walls a fresh coat of paint or add new accent pieces for the holidays, then these fall hues will hit the spot.

Choosing the right colours is key to setting the mood for the home – especially for the holiday season. The colour of a room or its accent pieces give each space its own character.

Fall is the season where warm and bronzy hues make a comeback as they bring a certain sense of warmth and glow to the home that’s perfect for the holidays. Here are some hues to combat the chilly days to come.

1 Rose Quartz

Our first choice has to be one half of Pantone’s colour of 2016. This blush hue exudes warmth that will  set the perfect tone for your home. Although slightly feminine, it adds a soft touch to modern architecture and can used as an accent wall or on fabrics around the home.

Rose Quartz Fall Pantone

SOURCE: Clockwise: farreys.com, oldfashionedsusie.com, and redbubble.com

2 Sharkskin

This gloomy grey is the perfect base colour for fall . Grey has been quickly rising as a THE interior design colour, with many homes using the muted tone as a base for more bright and vibrant furnishing. Sharkskin toned walls or furniture pieces will pair well with fall colours, helping accentuate brighter or paler hues.

Sharkskin Fall Pantone

SOURCE: Clockwise: sheffieldfurniture.com, thesoldhouse.com, and thefashionhall.com

3 Potter’s Clay

This hue is the epitome of fall. With burnt orange elements, it is reminiscent of  dried leaves. The elegant hue is vibrant enough to stand alone or can be paired with Sharkskin for more depth. If you’re seeking neutral, earthy tones, then this shade should be at the top of your list.

Potters Clay Pantone Fall

SOURCE: Clockwise: Pinterest User Becky Canham, el-fenn.com, brydiemack.com

4 Warm Taupe

Taupe is a timeless colour. If you’re looking for a more subdued neutral tone that’s not boring, than this is the shade for you. Compared to Potter’s Clay, this tone is the earthier gentler hue, evoking stability and reassurance. If you’re wondering where you’ve seen this hue before then look no further than the Kardashian-Jenner clan who have been sporting this tone, making it a wardrobe essential too!

Warm Taupe Pantone Fall 2016

SOURCE: Clockwise: Tumblr user hue-chroma, paintersplaceblog.wordpress.com,redbubble.com

5 Riverside

This Pantone hue is said to be on the top of the list for many fall collections. This cool and calming tone is perfect for homes that want to introduce subtle vibrancy (yes, this oxymoron is a thing). It’s a versatile colour that provides stability and depth within the home. This tone pairs well with Sharkskin and other fall Pantone hues.

Riverside Fall Pantone

SOURCE: Left: aventuredeco.fr Right: Pinterest User Becky Canham

6 Lush Meadow

This fresh and vibrant green gives the home an elegant and sophisticated tone. The shade’s brightness and depth sets it apart from many other green tones. This fall hue is perfect for the impending festive season and when used right, can blend into the home all year round. Lush Meadow is the organic quality you need in your home and if you’re afraid to commit to green walls, then go the au naturel route and add plants!

Lush Meadow Pantone Fall

SOURCE: Clockwise: blog.travelshopa.com, home-styling.blogspot.my, Pinterest user Becky Canham

7 Spicy Mustard

This zesty tone is Pantone’s exotic hue this fall. Spicy Mustard is a whimsical hue that can come through playfully or elegantly. A pop of yellow will liven up any home with warmth and cheerfulness. If you’re hesitant to add yellow paint to your walls, then consider swapping them for tiles in the bathroom or on an accent wall.

spicy mustard pantone fall 2016

SOURCE: clockwise: Pinterest user Becky Canham, designsponge.com, firedearth.com

Cover image from fresh-design.info

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Why you should care

If you’re looking to give your walls a fresh coat of paint or add new accent pieces for the holidays, then these fall hues will hit the spot.

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