QR17-Queens Waterfront - Queens Residences


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14 weeks
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Defined by an unexpected calmness, our aim was to transform the space into an introspective and dream-like hideaway. The space is imbued with energy and character through the careful curation of iconic sculptural pieces, resulting in layers of textural softness and movement.
Mostly neutral, the foundations of the space are connected by the shared warmth of each finish within the residence, with neutral tones combining with stone, linen, wood and cold metal. The smoked timber cladding and natural stone walls reduce their visual impact from a distance. Neutral tones and light materials create a sophisticated and elegant composition.
The attention to natural materials continues inside the home, with hand-applied limewash paint paired with split-faced travertine stone, wooden herringbone flooring and bespoke woodwork, all complemented by a carefully considered lighting scheme and statement fittings.
The kitchen features built-in appliances concealed behind closed doors to maintain a minimalist space. The open floor plan integrates the kitchen and dining area, maximizing seating with an extended built-in long table.
As a two-key flat and a four-bedroom flat, we have combined styles to create a unique experience that allows the homeowner to connect with the home in their own unique way.

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