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13 weeks
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Gurney Paragon Condominium

Project Scope
Interior design for the entire property and remodelling of certain rooms in this newly built condo.

Design Concept: Simple Luxury
The client’s vision was clear: a classy home for his family with the luxury furnishings and calming aesthetics of a sophisticated hotel. After experimenting with several options, we proposed a series of adaptable designs and finally found the right interpretation of a simple luxury design concept to suit the client’s taste and needs.

A monochromatic approach sets the tone for a simple but soothing sanctuary, with a sense of luxury reflected throughout each space with thoughtful and purposeful details. Rich materials and textures by way of dark timbers, glossy black stone panelling, and natural marble flooring add dramatic layering to the quiet and calm sophistication of the lavish interiors.

Unique Features

Luxury Materials
Nothing says luxury like polished, gorgeous natural marble floors, which is why it remains such a popular choice among homeowners. As requested by the client, we used a combination of stunning high-gloss marble flooring, sleek dark stone wall panels, and textured dark wood for the living room, dining room, dry and wet kitchens, corridor area, and bathrooms for seamless grandeur.

Full-height clear glass dividers separate the wet kitchen from the dry kitchen area, providing full visibility while maintaining the posh sophisticated look with glossy black kitchen countertops and textured shiny black wall panels.

The master bedroom balances an ambience of refined elegance with inviting warmth. Classy yet functional, the versatile walk-in wardrobe features dark textured timber, black aluminium finish, and clear black glass, while the solid wood flooring balances the splendor with a down-to-earth vibe.

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