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Interior Design Budget
RM 180,000
4 weeks
Completion Year
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A04-07 Eco Palladium Jalan Ekorflora 7/3
Taman Ekorflora
81100 Johor, Malaysia
+6016710xxxx +6012757xxxx
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Interior Design Project Info

Jugos Juice Bar @ Mount Austin Johor

Photography Credits: Jristan

Jugos is a commissioned juice bar project located at a shop lot in Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru. The design inspiration for this juice bar is to create an ' art installation' that bring the human close to nature environment in the urban city, also correspondence with the brand mission which is to bring healthier juice drink choice to the market.
The design direction is to create pocket of spaces that inspired by different layers of a rainforest by underlining all efforts to illustrate the different experience between the layers. The raw tree trunks which carefully selected and randomly placed at the front were to represent the Canopy layers, reflecting a kind of maze journey. The loose furniture with transparent element was also selected to blend into the proposed atmosphere. A layers of frosted film in gradient tone on glass is to create a mist effect to the space.

The Midstory serves as transition space to connect the Understory seating and Root (The Juice Bar Counter), beverage collection prior to enter the main seating area, named Forest Floor. The wood chips were placed on the Forest Floor to represent the fallen leaves which may take years to decompose. In contrast, the porous reeded glass was inserted to enjoy the silhouette of plants and to create subtle distortion for limit obscurity while still allowing lot of sunlight to pass through which also to address the limited daylight issue in typical linear intermediate shop lot. A customized artwork was created on the plywood to enhance the texture on the plastered paint surfaces.

Proposed interior detailing and color palette complimented with each other and to celebrate the hierarchy of space in terms of experience of light, texture, raw and processed material. In Jugos, a dialogue between human and nature is being created.

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