Kong Inn Seafood Restaurant @ Mount Austin


Project Overview

Interior Design & Architectural Budget
RM 2,000,000
16 weeks
Completion Year
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A04-07 Eco Palladium Jalan Ekorflora 7/3
Taman Ekorflora
81100 Mount Austin
Johor, Malaysia
+6016710xxxx +6012757xxxx
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Interior Design & Architectural Project Info

Kong Inn Seafood Restaurant is a commissioned commercial project for a Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant located at Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru. It is also destined to be one of the banquet choices for the Chinese wedding ceremony.

The existing dome-shaped structure stands as a prominent landmark in the compound and was operating as a nightclub before being taken over by the restaurant. The 10m high ceiling is the key challenge to the assignment as the existing dome structure could only support lightweight elements with no skylight for daylighting to pass through. Considering the loading constraint, pendant light was carefully selected to illuminate the space with addition 2 layers of coved lighting.

With the existing context, the adopted design approach was to celebrate the existing constraints and enrich the space with interior detailing while the spatial planning for overall layout including Entrance, Reception & Bar, Kitchen and Private Rooms were studied holistically based on the operation needs and flow. The key achievement is to harmonize the Chinese dining setting while receiving a sensational experience upon entering the space.

The interior design concept is to balance the modern and oriental mood by applying lattice pattern as the key language throughout the interior space. Dark tones of wood coupled with modern oriental furniture and screens, to achieve a warm effect without being cluttered. The wall was treated with lattice pattern embellish by using aquarelle customized wallpapers to soften the interior, with subtle Chinese elements in the detailing. The main dining hall contains a series of loose furniture that can be easily moved around to fit the casual dining or banquet event setting.

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