Project Overview

Interior Design Budget
RM 250,000
6 weeks
Completion Year
Skudai , Johor
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A04-07 Eco Palladium Jalan Ekorflora 7/3
Taman Ekorflora
81100 Johor, Malaysia
+6016710xxxx +6012757xxxx
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Interior Design Project Info

Chatto Supa is a commissioned food and beverage project for the first flagship local established handcrafted tea bar, Chatto, where located at the heart of Johor Bahru retail district, Taman Sutera. The design proposal for the store is to create differentiation between the flagship and the other outlets in terms of interior atmosphere while still maintaining the neat image. The key challenge is to provide a design solution to highlight the brand philosophy.

The entrance Paths function as a route of contemplation before experiencing the indoor ambience. It serves as the prelude of the interior and the layers of ceiling sheer is to filter the busyness and noise of the street. Different indoor seat setting were proposed distinctly to cater for different target customer group. Considering the busy surrounding, a layer of see though wall was provided to segregate the crowds by creating an indoor garden within the enclosed space. The outdoor garden outlined the quietness and zen elements with natural sunlight through the reeded glass, which help to resolve the darkness at the end of a linear shop lot.

In overall, the dialogue between interior detailing, color palette and styling artworks should be complimented with each other and to highlight the differences in terms of light, texture, raw and processed material, since each of them has their own distinct identity.

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