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20 weeks
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A-12-13A Aurora Sovo Off Bukit Jalil Highway
57000 Bukit Jalil
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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We always highlight our ultimate goal - if you walk through your door and feel at home, like it is where you belong, then we’ve done something right. Have all the modern comforts but remain true to its personality and heritage. In this four-room condominium project, our challenge was to perfectly incorporate a contemporary modern design and owner’s Peranakan heritage. As the owners prefer a darker wood tone interior that would able to fit the furniture, art pieces and the antiques, the wood colour of these veneers was carefully considered; we certainly did not want it to be too light or too dark and it had to be a classic wood shade to match the antiques and furniture. Therefore, we selected the beloved Thermo Oak Veneer and incorporated with light-toned marbles that makes for a charming contrast that feels luxurious and modern. White ceilings are warmed with woody walls and cream-toned marble floor, cosying up the communal spaces.

To cater to the family’s storage needs, we engaged a full-height storage units with the same materials at the dining area which located in between the living area and family lounge area. While too much of wood element would look overpowering, we added light-toned marble, namely the Silver Blue Marble, as well as fluted glass to serve as visual breather.

Nearby, a bespoke curved marble island is undoubtedly the heart of this home – taking on multiple roles such as a prep station, a breakfast counter and a chill-out place.

As the owners are extremely family-oriented and love having friends and family over, we wanted to create a lounge area that would make their hosting duties more seamless and encourage familial bonding. At the lounge area, a bespoke cabinet is also a highlight of the home. What’s particularly unique about this piece is that we incorporated the Black Beauty Marble as the cabinet backsplash and fronts without the disadvantage of overweight.
Over the private zones, the master suite enjoys the same colour treatment as the rest of the house. Further in, all of the bathrooms were reconfigured with softer neutral colours and materials such as Silver Mink Marble, stone-effect tiles and wood-effect feature wall that promote a picture of serenity.

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