Dim Dou Duck/ Hou Yum Duck (Starling Mall)

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RM 950,000
12 weeks
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9, Jalan 51a/243, seksyen 51a
46100 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

First opened in Desa Park City, Dim Dou Duck is a Hong Kong style restaurant serving up classic Cantonese cuisine. This latest branch, newly opened in Starling Mall, looks to elevate the design through a re-creation of 1920s Hong Kong, bringing the major financial center to Malaysian shores.

The colorful exterior, with bright red furniture and a decidedly Cantonese sounding name, sets the scene before one even enters the space. Once within, classic Hong Kong elements such as mosaic tiles, solid timber beadings and metal grills can be found littered throughout the environment.
Colorful wallpapers with fans and Chinese birds, alongside traditional Oriental screens further evokes the essence of the small, but densely populated country. Finally, the space is also brought to life with plants dotted throughout the restaurant, brightly lit with artificial skylights to create the feeling of dining in an old, traditional garden.

However, that’s not all – to the side is an inconspicuous grilled door, its interior shining through translucent sheets with a subtle purple glow. As you sate your curiosity and open the door, you are greeted by the second half of the space – Hou Yum Duck. Deceptively furnished like its restaurant cousin, its true purpose is given away by the large bar counter, which is similarly adorned with the same classic Hong Kong elements, and framed by vintage-looking green tiles.
Oriental wallpapers once again adorn the space, with vintage pendant lights in red above the table accentuating a more playful vibe. Red decals plastered over the window glazing, developed from traditional Chinese paper cutting art, adds a sense of privacy, bringing to mind speakeasys of the prohibition era.

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