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Interior Design Budget
RM 240,000
12 weeks
Completion Year
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9, Jalan 51a/243, seksyen 51a
46100 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

The office space is a concept that has seen a re-invention over recent days. From traditional cubicles, to open space designs, sound design has never been more important to ensuring efficient, inspiring, and productive work.

Nestled in an affluent suburb, lies a tall, slatted timber door contrasted with granite surroundings. Frosted mirrors tease what hides behind the imposing façade, which opens into a personal studio shared by a father and daughter, envisioned to serve double duty as a traditional office space as well as an art studio for more creative pursuits.

While by no means cavernous at approximately, 1270 sqft, the space has been made to look generous with open bare spaces segmented by furniture and cabinets in place of doors and walls. The wide, main office space is contrasted by a centrally located desk, surrounded by timber finished cabinetry, with tall and high storages. A customised, movable ladder allows easy reach into these storage spaces, allowing flexibility while still allowing an uncluttered viewing experience.

Large windows allow significant natural sunlight to filter through, bouncing off the plain epoxy flooring and lighting up the entire space. Diffusing lighting and matte finishes across the walls and furniture then serve to absorb much of the glare, allowing for optimal comfort whether one is in middle of the next creative pursuit or engaging in office work.

This sense of comfort is then compounded by simple, earthy tones from the furniture and walls. The warm palate provides a sense of calm and reassurance, allowing for a more productive working environment while keeping agitation at bay. Space has been intentionally left for future artworks and paintings; contrasting splashes of colours against a muted backdrop will help keep the space exciting and spark creativity.

Finally, a pantry island divides the office and art studio, providing a natural point for business and casual conversations. A floating cabinet serves to hold additional personal artifacts, while maintaining the sense of lightness and relaxation.

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