A Beacon of Light for A Family of Four

A Beacon of Light for A Family of Four

Lydia Lohshini by Lydia Lohshini on Jul 13, 2020

Your home is where you should feel the most liberated and carefree. It should be a beacon of light after long working hours and stressful days, this is exactly what Box Design Studio had in mind when they curated The Lighthaus.

The homeowners approached the interior design firm with the intention of owning a cosy and serene space that welcomes abundant natural light. In order to achieve this, Box Design Studio opted to create an open concept home that fulfils all the needs of the home occupants.  Completed in 14 weeks, this 3,200 sq. ft. home in Bandar Kinrara delivered a dream home like no other.

Let’s be honest, for us amateur DIY-ers, curating a 3,200 sq. ft home can be daunting, but for professionals like Lucas Fong from Box Design Studio, it’s a fun challenge. When asked about space planning, the interior designer noted that when designing this home his goal was to “employ more multi-purpose spaces alongside using thoughtful furniture planning to create a space with a cohesive and harmonious flow.” This is apparent in the easy mobility the homeowners have in their home. Even through pictures, we are able to see how the interior designer made layout decisions ensuring there is always space to move around freely.

…when designing this home his goal was to “employ more multi-purpose spaces alongside using thoughtful furniture planning to create a space with a cohesive and harmonious flow.”

With every home, it’s always important to ensure that each occupant has a space to call their own. Lucas says it was poignant to maintain individual spaces with separate functionality that perfectly embodies the lifestyle of each member and the family as a unit. This can be seen in the open-concept living room that has unobstructed views of the entire room while allowing for each member of the family to have their personal space – ensuring that parents have the ability to monitor their young children while encouraging family interactions.

Aside from having an open layout, this home also features a largely white colour scheme that adds to the home being light and airy. When asked about his decision to use the often ‘boring’ hue, the designer defends the decision saying that to prevent the home from being ‘boring and plain’ he used “different textures and materials to create an impression of variation and details, giving the space more depth and layers. A great example of this is when the lighting fixtures cast shadows on various surfaces resulting in new visual depths and a soothing ambience.

Although a majority of the home is light and bright, Box Design Studio gave the kitchen a dark tone. Featuring dark grey and brown cabinets along with black and white marble countertops, this kitchen makes for easy maintenance and gives off a sophisticated look. This dark colour palette also works as a perfect transition or division between the other spaces of the home and the kitchen.

To further give the home character, the interior designer subtly introduced various textures into the space. You’re able to see textures walls in the living room, bedroom, and the kitchen, this was done to create a continuous and harmonious theme throughout the home. Lucas says “It is interesting to note that our brains actually categorize those repeated details and similarities much faster than we expected, this subconsciously allows us to be calmer when we’re in a cohesive space.” There are also finer details in the kitchen like the curved line on the kitchen island that cleverly reflects the ceiling lines above. This details can go unnoticed but it ties together the bigger picture and visual connectivity of the whole home.

Overall, this home is a work of art which has garnered them the GOLD award in the Residential (Landed) category for REKA International Design Award 2019. From it’s spatial design to the choice of colour palette and even the minute details, this family home feels welcoming and homey. Lucas Fong and his team at Box Design Studio always ensure that houses are turned into homes with their eye for details and need to deliver perfectionism.

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