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33,487 Malaysia Bedroom Architect & Interior Designer Ideas in Malaysia

Make your bedroom appear larger with floor-to-ceiling windows which becomes the focal point of the room. Your bedroom design should also take furniture into account - make sure there is enough space next to the bed for nightstands and circulation so you can access all three sides of the mattress. Don’t forget to include lighting and ventilation as well, or your bedroom will turn out dark and dreary. You can find bedroom inspiration and bedroom ideas and professional bedroom designers in Malaysia on More »

What colour should I use for my bedroom?

The colour you choose for your bedroom design is a reflection of your personality and style. Light colours can make your bedroom feel more spacious and cheerful, while dark colours will give your bedroom a sophisticated and intimate appearance. Colours also have a psychological value which can influence your mood and thoughts. For a sense of peace and harmony, you can go for soft neutral colours, such as cool, soothing blues and green hues. If you are choosing a colour for a family member’s bedroom, consider the occupant’s age. Rich reds and warm browns can create a bold and sultry mood, while gold tones lend a touch of luxury.

How do I choose lighting for my bedroom in Malaysia?

Your choice of lighting depends on the function of your bedroom. If you enjoy watching TV in bed, you may want to use ambient overhead lighting and table lamps on adjacent end tables. If you often use your room for yoga and meditation, then overhead lighting is better for you. Lighting also affects the mood in your bedroom. For example, soft, incandescent wall sconces can give off a sense of romance. The appropriate lighting can also be used to display wall art and highlight the bedroom's design details. Large, dramatic art would be served well by directional overhead lighting that casts a glow directly on the pieces. If you want something different, you can use coloured lighting, such as lava lamps, subtle pink light bulbs, or glass globes, for a dreamy and calming effect.

Should I renovate my old bedroom in Malaysia?

If you intend on changing the entire bedroom look and layout, then a renovation is in order. Overhauling fixtures like built-in closets or wardrobes, lighting, and plaster ceiling will require renovation. If you’re not looking for a total overhaul, a cost-efficient way to breathe new life into the bedroom would be to replace old furniture in the existing bedroom design, such as incorporating a modern dressing table, adding new shelves, or installing a platform bed. New flooring is also a good way to change the look of your bedroom without incurring huge expenses. You can use tiles, vinyl or laminate flooring as these materials are easy to clean and require little maintenance. You can also add carpets or rugs to elevate your room decoration.

What is the best way to decorate a child’s bedroom in Malaysia?

Children are never boring, so their bedrooms design should reflect their personalities. There are plenty of great wallpaper designs: for something pretty and girl, try flower patterns; for something spunky and fun, try vintage/retro patterns. Otherwise, a feature wall in the child’s favourite colour (pink, blue, green, red, etc) will give the child a sense of ownership over the room. If you opt for plain walls but want subtle design, then explore wallpaper borders. To encourage spending time at the desk reading or writing, get a bright-coloured study desk in a design that can grow with the child. With wallpaper, a feature wall, and bright coloured furniture, goes for muted curtain designs to give the room breathing space. If you intend on spending time in your child’s bedroom or host play dates for your child and his/her friends, then consider a multi-functional piece like a sofa bed.

What makes a hotel room look so good, and how can I emulate that for my bedroom in Malaysia?

Start with matching bedding, pillows, and curtains for your bedroom design. Get a supportive mattress, silky cotton sheets (go for the highest thread count that you can afford), a down comforter for your bed, and top it off with some plump, soft pillows. Place a side table and a bedside lamp on either side of your bed, a desk, and a couple of cozy armchairs in your bedroom. Research on simple, yet elegant wardrobe designs and source for them at furniture stores in Malaysia, or have a local carpenter custom-make one. For curtains, use fabrics such as silks, linen, and damasks which can add luxury and elegance to the room. Hotels are usually well-lit, so copy that with some big overhead lighting. For mood lighting, you can have a dimmer installed to your overhead lights. Round up the room with a good air-conditioner, like Panasonic’s air-purifying and filtering models that neutralizes odours in the bedroom.