Attention Gamers: This Ergonomic Chair Should Be on Your Wishlist

Attention Gamers: This Ergonomic Chair Should Be on Your Wishlist

Lydia Lohshini by Lydia Lohshini on Feb 26, 2019

Are you sitting on your couch or at the dining table playing games? Or are you part of the lazing on your bed tribe? Either way we’re sure your back has seen better days. From aches in your lower back to stiff necks, your “gaming” chair is slowly causing your spine health to deteriorate.

Don’t worry, we’re not about to tell you to stop gaming, instead we’ll tell you just what you need to make your gaming experience that much more comfortable and effective. Whether you’re a Fortnite enthusiast, DOTA champ, or a retro game pro, one thing you’ll agree on is that the POFIT chair will be the next big addition to your gaming station.


1  Adjustability

Everybody’s built differently, so adjustability is crucial for gaming chairs. A fully adjustable chair allows users to customise the chair to their body, making the seating experience that much more comfortable. The POFIT chair comes equipped with:POFIT Ergonomic Chair

  • 5D Headrest: A headrest that’s adjustable to different heights, giving your neck the support it needs.
  • 3D Armrest: Chairs with arm rests can sometimes get in the way of gaming but adjustable armrests can help take the pressure off your forearms and shoulders. You can adjust the height, angle, and depth of the armrests on a POFIT.
  • Front Seat Depth: Adjust the depth of your seat to suit your height, so no more dangling feet!

POFIT Ergonomic Chair

2 Comfort

POFIT Ergonomic ChairComfort is key especially during long and intense games. The Dynamic Bionic Spine & Adjustment feature is the solution to back aches. It provides over 300% more support than regular chairs to the human spine through the 3-joint support for the thoracic spine, 5-joint support for the lumbar spine, and the 1-join support for the sacrum spine. With less distractions from back and neck aches, you’ll be able to play your best games on the POFIT chair.

As for your sore lower back, the 20-pieces omni-directional and double wing support chips come to the rescue by alleviating tension and protecting your back muscles. These features provide comfort during long hours of gaming and sitting.

3 Durability

POFIT ergonomic chair

Durability is important, especially when you’re investing in one superior chair for your gaming station. A durable chair will go a long way as it will be able to withstand long hours of intense movement.

The POFIT chair can support up to 122kg in weight and features 100% polyester mesh upholstery that has proven to be extremely durable. The chair also passed tests for safety, durability, and structural adequacy with flying colours.

As proof of its durability, the chair comes with a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

4 Intelligent Tech

POFIT ChairThe POFIT features intelligent technology as the chair comes with a smart app to guide users on how to adjust the chair to ideal positions and in time, develop good sitting habits. The app features 5 functions:

  • Sitting Posture Warning: The app sends a warning message when it detects an incorrect sitting posture.
  • Sedentariness Warning: Sitting for long hours at a time is strenuous on your spine. This function reminds you to get up and move when it detects a lack of activity for too long.
  • Sitting Posture Evaluation: This function provides analyses of your sitting position, sending you an evaluation from time to time.
  • Lumbar Protection Setting: Use this feature to adjust the chair for optimal lumbar spine support.
  • Sitting Posture Statistics: The statistics help you review your sitting posture over periods of weeks and months, recording your total sitting time and your posture so you can keep track of how long you spend gaming!
4 Visually Enhanced

POFIT Ergonomic ChairThe chair wasn’t only designed for ergonomic excellence but also for aesthetics. With an attractive array of colours for the soft and durable mesh back alongside leather and fabric seats, this chair is the epitome of form plus function. Choose from red, grey, blue and black to match your room and personal style.

pofit ergonomic chair

Visit the website for more information or head on over to one of their stores today.

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